Best Newcomer Bonuses in Online Casino

Bonuses in online casinos

Bonus is the free money casinos give players. They act as the welcoming gift for new players to start gambling. These bonuses can help a player gain wins and potentially get betting money to continue playing. It is advisable for a player to read through the casino’s terms and conditions to get the right knowledge of how to get hold of the bonuses available. A player makes an initial deposit to the casino and is then able to access the bonus after 24 hours. A player should read the wagering rules as these rules limit the player from walking away with the bonus money without placing a bet.

Reload bonus

This is a casino bonus that players receive as a loyalty reward. To get this bonus, players should have made a deposit previously at the casino. This is a way of appreciating the loyal players and encouraging them to keep laying wagers in their casino. Reload bonus is there to boost players with an existing account and keep them from seeking welcome bonuses elsewhere. Players get motivated to keep playing on one site if every time they deposit they are rewarded hence making them have extra money to place bets.

Free bet

Casinos offer their customers free money to place bets. This may seem too good to believe, but is quite a common practice with casinos. A player has the chance to lay a wager without risk, and collect winnings, if the bet is a success. One has to be smart while playing, to make good use of this opportunity.

With a free bet, a player does not contribute the stake as compared to a regular bet, if the player wins, the stake will not be included in the net winnings. A player automatically qualifies for a free bet when opening an account with a casino. Lots of free bets are available from many reputable casinos, you should always try search for the best slots for this.

Loss rebate

This is an agreement between a casino and a player on granting a discount to a player’s loss in game tables. If a rebate on loss is 20%, the player will only pay 80% of the total amount lost while playing. This is a strategy that attracts players to game tables and is adopted by many casinos. Rebate on loss reduces the casino’s potential of winning on the table, however it varies according to the type of game, betting pattern and the amount of rebate on loss. Rebate of loss remains constant regardless of the amount on stake and duration of the game.


Generally, players like casinos that give free bets, loss rebates and bonuses. They are tools used to attract and retain customers in casinos. As appealing as these offers are, players should take the time to read through the wager requirements of a game before registration and also placing bets. It is advisable to read through the terms and conditions of a casino, this might help one find a strategy that guarantees a win on the free bets and the bonus offered.

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