How Do People Make Money By Playing Online Games?

Usually, parents believe that their kids waste a lot of time on playing games and they also believe that this habit of playing online games is not good for kids. Well, excess of everything is bad; there is no doubt in it.

But when it is about adopting a hobby as a profession, then it is not a waste of time or bad for anyone. There are many advantages of playing online games and the one advantage is that you can also make money by playing online games. Making online money is a top searched topic for many college students. Online games provides this option for professional gamers, doesn’t matter even if you are a kid or an adult.

According to Urdu GEO News Sumail Hassan is the one man army who is earning a lot of money by playing online game like Dota 2 and due to his earning alone, Pakistan is at number 1 spot in making money from the online gaming competitions.

Make Money from Gaming Competitions

Now if we talk about the different possibilities of how to make money by playing online games, then the gaming competitions is on the top of the list. Sumail Hassan also earns money through these competitions held in the United States.

Different brands and gaming communities organize these sponsored competitions where individuals and teams do participate. By winning different online gaming tournaments, you can win the prize as well which in most of the cases is the cash prize.Here you can check this list of top paid gamers from Pakistan for eSports.

If you get a chance to read the story of Sumail Hassan, then you must read it. It is very interesting story how he started playing games from his own pocket money and now he is enjoying a luxurious lifestyle with the earning of his online gaming competitions. If you want to know the easy way to monetize your websites then click on, and know some interesting ways to monitor your website.

Make Money with YouTube Gaming Channels

As we all know that YouTube is a big platform to monetize your video content and make money from home. So, you can utilize this biggest video monetizing platform to make money by playing online games.

There are different methods to make money on YouTube by playing the video games. For example, a lot of people who play free online games like Pool 8 and other such games, they made their channels on YouTube where the show their amazing tricks and gaming skills.
New gamers visit those channels and learn the game play and other skills. Channel owners monetize their content and they make money by showing their gaming skills.

While a lot of other people use to upload their game play videos or they do a live streaming of their game play to make money. PUBG Mobile is a game that is used by most of the YouTubers to make money.

They play the game all day long and then they edit their videos for uploading it on YouTube. They also organize competitions and then live stream those competitions on YouTube. Those who participate in those competitions can win the cash prize, whereas all the participants also have a chance to host a live stream on their channel in future to make more money by monetizing their content.

Other ways

These two are the best ways to make money by playing video games. Whereas, there are a lot more games where you can make money by playing the game. These games are like casino games or other such type of games where you can make money with these online games.


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