Online casino, what a passion!

The online gambling sector seems to be increasingly appreciated in all over the world and specially in Europe, so much so that the statistics released recently by the Journalism Agency for the Gaming Market have brought out interesting and, above all, positive data. Going into detail, we can see that the recorded data showed a quantifiable expenditure of 46.6 million euros (during the month of March): this shows that there was an increase of 30.3% compared to 35.7 million euros that were invested during the month of March 2020.

But that’s not all since it was also observed that there was further growth if a comparison is made with the month of February 2019: more precisely we are talking about an increase of + 13.38% with a turnover of 41.1 million euros.

Negative data, on the other hand, were found in the field of poker cash which, still, continues to lose hits: the decrease in question is equal to 5.4% on an annual basis, with a sum generated equal to 6.1 million euros. . The sum of 7.4 million euros, on the other hand, was invested in the poker sector in the form of a tournament.

In this case, we can say with extreme certainty that there has been an increase compared to the same period last year, with 6.4 million euros. In any case, compared to the month of February, it is possible to highlight that, albeit slight, there was a small growth of 1.36%, a period during which 7.3 million euros were used in the various tournaments that took place. play in virtual houses dedicated precisely to the game of poker.

By analyzing in detail the online casino market, it is possible to see how there are also some sites that have been more appreciated by users: for example, in Italy one cannot help but say that during the last month Lottomatica dominated, with a value of 10.7%. Immediately behind, on the two lower steps of the podium, we find Sisal and Pokerstars, who respectively settled in second and third place with 8.7% and 7.8%.


The casinos of Eurobet, William Hill, Bwin, on the other hand, are placed in the ranking of the month of March in fourth, fifth and sixth place, with 6.6%, 5.8% and 5.6%. Snaitech, 888 Casino, StarVegas and Admiral complete the ranking of the top ten positions. Of course, all these online casinos are accessible to play only after registering your personal account: this means that by consulting you can be entitled to a useful bonus to play with an extra advantage, directly on one of the portals that we have just mentioned.

Among the investigations, of course, the position of Calabria is not lacking, where digital gaming is still very popular and therefore many are those who are intrigued by this sisal promotion these days.

Moving on to tournament poker in detail, the sector we talked about above, in this case there is an undisputed leader: it is the PokerStars portal that generated 67.51% of the total expenditure made in this segment. However, it must be said that the data that has been collected currently has shown a slight decline of 4.45% compared to the same period last year, with a decrease of 1.72% compared to February 2019.

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