Time For tennis: 12 Reasons to Love It

It’s time to spice up the life and time to try out something new and exciting or maybe continue doing things that bring fulfillment. It can be found in different things. But nothing compares with sports that enable humans to keep «a sound mind in a sound body».
Someone prefers to be involved personally in some activities in sports like cricket, football, tennis, and others. Someone has no opportunity to follow it physically but can afford to watch it online and take part in each event by backing the favorites and betting on them. For example, as Indians are recently progressing in tennis, they can easily track all tennis tournaments on digital platforms and provide tennis betting online leveraging various betting markets and strategies to win the wagers and so dive into the world of tennis.

Tennis has become one of the most demanded sports in India. Thanks to talented players year over year within the country, it has been in highlight for the quantity of engagement and attractiveness. That’s why India can be proud of the progress its nation has made. Like any other sports game, tennis is a good way for Indians to disclose their abilities, get more strength, and make strides.

12 Reasons to Love Tennis

Tennis is worthwhile taking into account when it comes to sports choice. To understand its benefits, the main 12 reasons to love to play it are listed below.

Get Fit

Tennis is perfect for keeping the body fit. It’s a great cardio workout that betters muscle tone, balance, and coordination. Moreover, tennis is good for losing weight. An hour of singles play can burn 580-870 calories.

Mental Training

Tennis seems to be very simple to play but at the same time, it requires some concentration and a piece of knowledge to play it succesfully. Whilst playing tennis, the person works on himself by focusing, overcoming obstacles, and testing perseverance.


Tennis helps the player to handle social, physical, and emotional challenges he ought to come across every day.


Tennis isn’t expensive. To enjoy it with your friends or family, some courts are found to train in for an affordable price. To start playing it professionally, there are some tennis clubs to sign up for and get a tennis membership for an affordable price as well.

For All Ages

Some sports require specific physical form and age to play but it’s not about tennis. In this game, anyone can engage from 4 to 94.

Family Gathering

Tennis is an excellent choice to involve the whole family. It helps to try out different forms of the game and unite each member of the family.

Social Interactions

Tennis is a good start to make new friends. Local tennis club enables everyone to learn it and interact with others. So, this makes the social surrounding bigger.

Makes You Happier

Like any other competitive game, playing tennis produces endorphins that in turn promote the release of dopamine associated with pleasure. This makes the player feel great and happier.

Live Longer

Playing tennis regularly the risk of heart diseases reduces up to 56% according to Harvard University Study. Playing tennis 3 hours a week prolongs the lifespan and makes it healthier.


Being involved in some small competitions, the player trains his skills to work in a team. From doubles to league plays, tennis allows the players to communicate and work together.

Tennis is Cool

Tennis equipment isn’t just for the court. Tops and sneakers used by top tennis players have been stylish streetwear for decades. Stick to the fashion!


Whether singles or doubles in tennis, the player is engaged in the action constantly. It demands attention and great concentration at all times. This is very thrilling and appealing.

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