Virtual reality in gambling

Online casino gaming and sports betting are rapidly gaining popularity in India and around the world. The interest of users in gambling is constantly growing, especially in the context of the COVID 19 lockdown when people are limited in their usual entertainment in real life and look for a way to share emotions. Gamblers combine the desire to make money and have fun.

The challenge of the time is the convergence of online casinos and sports betting. Many experts in the field of gambling pay attention to this. Visitors to sportsbooks are interested in virtual sports and casino games. The regulars of online casinos are actively interested in sports betting. As a result, two sections appear on many gaming platforms, and this leads to a sharp increase in website traffic and even to problems with It. Detailed analytics of various aspects of the legal gambling industry in India can be found here On this site you will find reviews of the best casinos and bookmakers trusted by Indian gamblers.

In the first half of 2020, due to quarantine restrictions, sports betting went through difficult times (sports events ended abruptly all over the world), but by the end of the year life gradually began to improve, to the delight of those who had lost their bets and odds.

Prospects for the gambling industry

Let’s now turn to the main goal of our article and try to predict what awaits the gambling industry in the next decade. Predictions are a thankless task and there is no guarantee that everything will be as it seems to us.

Gambling at hand

There is no doubt that legal online gambling will be increasingly mobile, tied to smartphones, tablets and other handheld devices. Indian players will spin the wheel of fortune and place bets on their favorite sport on the go. Online casino developers will try to adapt gaming programs under the display of inexpensive phones and tablets. The average visitor to gaming sites is a person whose budget depends on gaming luck. If at some point it is not too supportive, the gambler will tighten his belt and wait for good days with an inexpensive phone that allows him to play.

«Haute Couture» Gambling

At the same time, a layer of well-to-do successful players will remain, who will be interested in high-quality equipment, which allows, in particular, to play high-budget video games based on virtual reality and also to participate in betting in the field of e-sports. These players need VR glasses or helmets, expensive high-resolution headsets, the latest phones, or even professional gaming stations. And although the number of desktop computers in India as a whole is decreasing every year, this category of online game lovers will dictate high fashion in the industry.

Breakthrough in virtual reality

Even thirty or forty years ago, a breakthrough in any area of knowledge required years of hard work by a large team and access to rare and expensive materials. And now small firms and startups sometimes get results that even eminent concerns could be proud of.

Virtual reality technologies are the direction in which this is manifested most clearly. This is understandable. To create a three-dimensional image, you do not need an army of workers and complex cumbersome machines for the production of a car or an airplane. On the other hand, the unprecedented virtual world turned out to be so attractive for players and necessary in real economy that it would be foolish not to use it.As a result, in the last five years, the popularity of VR grow by leaps and bounds

Futurologists have no doubt that in the next decade, VR will conquer the entire planet and will do it faster than computers conquered it at the end of the last century. And there is no doubt that ambitious representatives of the gaming industry won this conquest.

Already now, this area is one of the most profitable and in demand among all VR trends. According to Superdata estimates, the number of people using virtual reality effects in one way or another exceeds 300 million. These are educational programs, training, scientific developments, business technology and medicine. But the most widespread use is in games.

Investors understand that it is necessary to invest in a promising industry at the earliest stage when the competition is not so intense. Companies such as Samsung Gear, PlayStation, HTC Vive and Oculus Rift realized this earlier than others and came out on top in the production of helmets and headsets for gamers and various simulators.

A few words about technology

To understand the appeal of VR games, you need to understand how a headset works. A mask put on the player’s head immediately cuts him off from the real world, which is impossible with a normal game from a personal computer. The person remains completely absorbed in the visual and sound effects, forgetting about everything else.

High-quality rendering of the characters and the realities of the game creates a stopping authenticity of fantastic events. The settings for ganitures or helmets are designed to provide a view at an angle of up to 120°, which is unattainable either in life or on a conventional monitor. A three-dimensional image is provided by superimposing two flat pictures one on top of the other.

Not only is the picture attractive in itself, so the participant of the game has at his disposal full-fledged tools for managing the magical world. This applies not only to the characters in which he possessed according to the plot of the game. He can control the entire device of the fictional world in first person! And here you don’t even need hands, the headset sensitively tracks head movements and fulfills the commands given.

However, gamers also need hands, systems track their movement and increase the effect of presence. This allows him to participate in battles experiencing sensations similar to those that a person transmits in a real battle. This option has been used for a long time in simulators on which police and special forces soldiers are trained. In many games and tutorials, drawing is so high quality that it blurs the line between the real and virtual worlds.

The action takes place in the stone jungle of a big city, in the labyrinths of mysterious caves, in the underwater world and inaccessible mountains. No classic PC game is capable of delivering an equal adrenaline rush and unique gaming experience. The market offers more and more exciting new products for consumers with different interests.

The price of the issue

The only thing that is holding back the spread of virtual reality technologies in the mass gaming industry is the high price of equipment. For a good headset, you will have to pay a couple of hundred dollars, despite the fact that for a full-fledged game, a gamer needs a fairly expensive and powerful personal computer. But developers are optimistic about the future. The history of trading has long proved that technological progress very quickly leads to a drop in prices for technological innovations.

The sky-high price is the cost of only the first stage of development. Very quickly yesterday’s devices for the elite become available to a wide range of users. The market will put everyone in their place!

The trend of today is the price democratization of virtual reality, which is gradually becoming available not only to PCs, but also to handheld devices. Of course, the capabilities of smartphones are still modest, but as the proverb says The road is made by walking.

Probably it is not worth waiting for virtual reality devices to burst into the world of online casinos and bookmakers yet. However, there is no doubt that the possibilities of betting in esports will invariably expand, for which virtual reality has become an integral part. It is quite possible that 3D effects will be implemented in arcades and casual games, plots for slot machines, in video poker. Implementation of VR effects for users of hand-held devices also remains highly relevant especially in India.

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