A computer chip’s transistor count doubles every other year, resulting in smaller, more powerful devices that occupy less space on aboard. The SoC components on today’s smartphones are powerful enough to match the power of a Cray-2 supercomputer or even the power of a Deep Blue computer. You can see its performance by looking at the new generation of smartphones powered by Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 820.

By using an Android-based software stack instead of Linux on more powerful devices, we can use more complex software stacks. A commoditized hardware component, a developer ecosystem, easy, accessible development tools, and a telephony stack that is easy to use all contribute to such a good option for consideration.

The arguments we’ll examine below are more elaborate.

Commoditized hardware for mobile devices

In 2007 and 2008, as iPhones and Androids emerged, the smartphone industry grew exponentially. During the past decade, hardware manufacturers have been competing fiercely for better specs. As a result, the ARM architecture has seen an increase in usage. The performance of its chips is now so good that they are used instead of x86 Intel architecture in data centers. The components needed to build a computer are all built into one SoC component, which has all the components needed for mobile computing including the CPU, GPU, Memory, and Sensors.

ARM’s RISC instruction set is used in processors such as Qualcomm, Samsung Exynos, Huawei HiSilicon Kirin and other high-end smartphones. Price and availability are critical factors in enabling industries producing drones, ARM server-based solutions, in-car systems, or connected medical devices to rise and form a second wave of technological miniaturization. Please let us know if you’re thinking of building your own version of Embedded Android Advantages based on AOSP or any other open-source version.

Development of Androids

In the past two decades, numerous Android developers have been trained in the industries as follows:

  • The Google Play Market has become a growing ecosystem that has produced millions of apps over the past eight years.
  • Android courses are available online, such as Udacity Android Nanodegree.
  • Java developers have a greater capacity to develop for Android because of the availability of resources.
  • As a result of Google’s free training course announcement, two million people in India will be able to become developers more easily.
  • The Android SDK, Android’s building blocks, and their interface principles are already familiar to numerous developers.

It is possible to develop Android apps utilizing modern tools

A full set of tools are available in the android advantages ecosystem for developers to use. All the tools you need to develop Android apps, test them and debug them such as the Android Developer SDK, Android Studio IDE, compilers, debuggers, emulators and all the other toolchains. Having the right tools available will make it easier for developers to use android advantages, and more of them will join the app development ecosystem.

Process management and connectivity ease

Since Android has been designed with always-on connectivity in mind, it has been optimized for wireless networking and telephony stacks – GSM, CDMA, and LTE – with VoIP integration already built in. The Android platform provides every layer of security right out of the box, without any setup or configuration required.

Millions Of applications are available

There is also the fact that Android has millions of apps available from the Google Play Store and other alternative stores that you can install on the device.

As a result, your new device could easily be used by third-party app developers, forming your own ecosystem with apps that could dramatically improve the overall user experience and value for your customers.

Are Custom Devices A Good Option For Android?

“Yes” is the short answer. It is unlikely that you will find the next list unfamiliar if you have been looking for software libraries or tools before. The popularity of the tool in question, as well as the size and output of the company using it, can be determined by looking at how many developers and companies are really using it. You should look at how large the tool’s community is.

Choose a course of action

Both of these are present in the Android platform – the community is growing rapidly, and large companies use the platform for their products (see the example in the first part of the guide). Additionally, what are the development directions and Google’s leadership plans for the platform?  The AOSP source tree is constantly being merged with critical security fixes for Android. Since AOSP can always use the latest long-term support Linux Kernel, there has been ongoing work to upstream the Android Linux Kernel.

The Linaro team is still working on the process, and it is going well. Also, Linaro has launched 96Boards with support for its HiKey Lemaker board already included in the latest AOSP source tree, with more to follow. As a result, this is all proof that the Linux Kernel and Android communities are moving toward a better and more secure version of Android, as well as making it easier for custom-made devices, ones that do not rely on proprietary hardware drivers.

Steps to follow

The purpose of this article is to describe the Android potential for device makers, as part of our Embedded Android from AOSP: A Complete Guide article. We have an article about available open-source Android ROMs, or you can learn how to build Android from AOSP if you’re interested in learning more about embedded Android.

Open Ecosystem

The Android system includes many applications stores including Google Play (the official store provided by Google), which comes standard on almost all smartphones and tablets, so users can find and download new apps. But unlike other companies, Android offers third-party app stores so that users can select which apps to install.

Apps can be downloaded directly from a developer’s site, installed from a flash memory card, or obtained from a third-party app store. When you check the box that enables you to install apps from third parties, it does warn you of the risks related to installing apps from unknown sources. You have a choice, and that’s the key.

UI that can be customized

As much flexibility and customization as possible have been included in Android’s user interface (UI). In doing so, Google has added a number of custom widgets to Android. A range of services is available through these widgets, including email, calendar, and massages, etc.

Open Source

It is possible to modify the Android operating system’s core software by developers and hardware manufacturers. In this way, the operating system can be tailored to fit very specific industries.

Quicker market entry for innovations

It is well known that the Android platform supports the latest cutting-edge innovations. The bigger hardware innovations almost all begin at Google, even though casual apps are still readily available across almost all operating systems.

Customized Roms

A lot of third-party apps are available on Android for advanced features, and people can use them, modify them, and install them instead of the ones that come with the phone. As a result, you’ll be able to make a lot of system-level tweaks that you wouldn’t be able to make on other operating systems, such as Windows or iOS.

Affordable Development

The Android market is a great place to get your own app, and you won’t need to pay a lot for development. Free application environments can save you a lot of money and if you want to develop more than one application, no issues will arise.

APP Distribution

IOS apps must be downloaded from the Apple App Store. There is no need for any of that with Android apps. You can publish the app wherever you wish. The “empire” is not watching you. Apps can be published on many third-party stores, and they are very easy to create.


Due to the low price of Android phones, it is most popular among customers to purchase them. Windows phones and iOS phones are more expensive than android phones. Numerous users use it, it has a growing number of users in developing countries, Android’s process to review apps is relatively simple, and an app can be published on the Google Play Store in a shorter period of time than for iOS.

You will always receive a notification on the Home Screen Android phone whenever there is a SMS, Email or even a new article from an RSS Reader. You will never miss a message, Email or even a missed call. A phone with an Android operating system can run many applications, you can browse the web, you can use Facebook while listening to music, it has different phone options, and it has thousands of free apps you can download online.

When you use the Google Android App Market, you can install or download thousands of apps and games for free. There are many thousands of games and applications that are ready for download on Android phones. Android phones offer superb software and application support, a wide selection of affordable models, and frequent operating system updates to enhance performance. Android phones can also function as a router to share Internet access.

Another method is to install a modified ROM, which is one that does not conform to the specifications for our Android phones. Another method is to modify your phone, there are many custom ROMs that you can download for your Android phone that is guaranteed not to damage it. The Android phone has integrated Google services such as Gmail, Google Reader so that you can check email from Gmail from the home screen widget. If you are a user of Google services, you can quickly access certain settings.

Universal Chargers

Lightning connectors work with all Apple mobile devices acquired after 2012. The charger of your older Apple device won’t work on your newer one. If you don’t have the Lightning to Micro USB adapter, you can’t use the new Lightning connector with devices other than Apple. Meanwhile, Android devices already use Micro USB connectors for their chargers, which is a standardized and ubiquitous standard.

Android users have a wider range of choices when upgrading, whereas

Compared to Apple lovers, Android users have access to a variety of phones at different price points. The number of smartphones available to customers is reflected in lists such as “top ten Android phones”. It isn’t just a matter of budget that different phones are available; each device offers a variety of features and amenities. Another reason to choose Android over iPhone is its level of customizability.

Storage and batteries that can be removed

An iPhone or iPad that needs more memory requires an expensive upgrade. Despite this, many Android devices are equipped with microSD card slots, when comparing iPhones and Androids. The Android battery is also removable, allowing you to replace the battery without having to replace the whole phone.

Use of the best Android widgets

A widget is a small program that adds functionality and flexibility to an Android device. There are many reasons why Android is superior to Apple because of this feature. Users often choose apps like Battery Widget Reborn and Circle Launcher to improve their experience on Android.

Better Hardware

Android flagship phones often have better hardware than the iPhone. In comparison, the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge is faster, has more RAM, and has a bigger battery than the iPhone 6S Plus.

Another Android pro is better charging options

In terms of reasons why Android is better than Apple, fast charging is an enticing feature. There is one more added benefit to Android charging: wireless charging. Despite the fact that Apple has just recently introduced wireless charging, Android devices can be charged wirelessly for quite some time now.


The Android has infrared, but why would you want to use it? You can use it as a TV remote to interact with your TV through wireless interaction across devices. Android Pro isn’t exactly the first thing that comes to mind when you think of Android, but its perks are undoubtedly noteworthy.

More app choices on Android than on iPhone

Amazon and other places such as the Play Store offer Android apps available outside the Play Store. There are no ten most popular Android applications that are limited to iOS. People can now use apps to fulfill their needs and have more options to choose from.

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