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What is Morse Code – An Overview

Whenever we come across the term secret language, morse code comes first in our mind. Anyhow, it wasn’t designed to be an encrypted means of communication. It was developed to facilitate the transmission of messages across the world. Interestingly, if we talk about morse code in today’s world, it is nothing more than a secret mode of communicating with one another. This is sure because of how the use of morse code is shown in the film and drama industry. There would be barely a few people in the present time who know how to translate morse code. 

Lucky for you, we are here to tell you all about morse code. How it came into existence, and why it was readily used until the start of the 2000s. We will also tell you about the ways to learn it. 

Stay with us and read until the end to know everything about it. 

What is Morse Code?

Communication has been a need of every human from the stone age to the present. Long gone are the days when people used to draw patterns. Smoke was also produced to convey their messages over a long distance. Furthermore, pigeons were also used to send messages. 

With time, demands change, and the Morse Code communication system comes. 

26 Latin words and punctuation marks are symbolized with morse code symbols. It is a system in which two symbols are used: a dot and a dash. Dot can be written as ‘.’ and a dash symbolized as a hyphen ‘-’. 


There is a table given below that makes you understand how it works and how to translate morse code easily:


  Latin Words (Alphabets)

          Morse Code

A .-
B -…
C -.-.
D -..
E .
F ..-.
G –.
H ….
I ..
J .—
K -.-
L .-..
M                   —
N -.
O                     –-
P .–.
Q –.-
R .-.


U ..-
V …-
W .–
X -..-
Y -.–
Z                   –..


For the first time, morse code was used for communication from Washington DC to Baltimore. After receiving the written texts, people use to answer them using smoke, beats, or by semaphore devices.

Regarding marine communication, energetic lights were used to convey their messages. 

Even fighter planes also use this. There is nothing wrong with saying that it is indeed a secret language. Anyhow, if you want to learn it, then you must learn to translate morse code in your native language. 

Do You Know Who Was Samuel Morse?

Samuel Finley Breese Morse was an American inventor and painter as well. He was born on April 27, 1791,  in Charlestown, Massachusetts. He became prominent because of his paintings, but after this, he gave his services during the invention of the single-wired telegraph system. He was the co-developer of the Morse code and also helped flourish the commercial use of the telegraph.

What are the Timing Rules of Morse Code?

Timing is very important while receiving or sending messages in morse code. Always keep five important rules while transmitting dots and dashes. 

  • A dot has a duration of one second.
  • A dash has a duration of three seconds.
  • In the same letter, dots, and dashes are separated with a time interval of one second.
  • Three seconds can separate each letter in a word.
  • There is a gap of seven seconds between each word.

What are the Basics of Morse Code?

In the beginning, you will find morse code very complicated, but once you learn, it will become effortless. If you are the only one who understands this, then you are a hero or freak in this case. There are some basics which are as follows

  • A dash is three times longer than a dot.
  • While writing hyphen, ‘-’ is called a dash. 
  • Dot is symbolized as ‘.’

How to Learn Morse Code?

  • Familiziring yourself with morses code symbols.
  • Carefully observe morse code alphabets.
  • Say ‘dih’ and ‘dah’ aloud with the correct rhythm. 
  • Make random words and practice them 
  • You can also listen to morse code recordings and watch videos.
  • Write yourself something in morse code
  • Download a morse code training app
  • You can also attend class to learn morse code
  • Talk it with your friend

Is Morse Code Still Used?

According to the stats, Morse Code was in use until the late 90s. Whereas about today, its the era of internet-based communication, not morse-code-encrypted messages. 

We can say that morse code is not used in real life but its use in detective, thriller films and series is still very trendy. For instance, there was a Korean film entitled “Parasite” in which they showed a remarkable and unexpected use of morse code. It surely caught the attention of the worldwide viewers and sparked there interest in learning morse code. 

Although morse code is no more used for secret transmission of messages, it is still learned and practiced all over the world. It can be out of curiosity or passion to master every mode of encrypted communication that people still tend to learn Morse Code. 

If you look closely then you might find at least one person in your circle who’s interested in learning and using morse code in routine life. It can be for fun purposes though. 

In case you want to learn morse code, get familiar with its rules and then make use of online tools which helps to translate morse code with ease. 


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