Which Slots should I stay away from? 

There’s always an element of risk involved when people play online slot games, perhaps that is one of the reasons why players love them so much. The risk versus reward can lead to some very exciting play at SlotsRacer.com/all-games. However, the sad truth is that there are certain slots that players should avoid. Of course, this doesn’t apply to every play but for new players especially. 

Low RTP 

There is little point in playing a slot if it has a particularly low RTP. The RTP stands for return to player and generally sits around 95% for most slots, however it can vary and it sometimes goes as low as 90%! There are many slots that sit at 95% or above when it comes to RTP, so you shouldn’t struggle in finding a slot with a good RTP. Not only do these slots provide players with a better chance for a return but they also come in abundance. There are even some slots which offer an RTP of 99%! One thing to always keep in mind with slots that have an incredibly high RTP is that they often have low volatility. This means that even though they payout on a more frequent basis, they will overall be paying out a small amount. 

Poorly Reviewed 

When researching a new slot that you wish to try, keep an eye on the reviews of the slot. You should take into account the reviews from both critics and players when making your decision. Though critics don’t always get it right, there is little doubting your fellow players. If you see a game which is pretty poorly reviewed by everyone that you have come across, this is a major red flag that you shouldn’t ignore. Of course there is always the possibility that a slot can fall into it’s so bad, it’s good territory but this is unlikely. 

Strange Locale 

With both physical and online slots, if you have come upon it in a strange location then you should avoid playing this slot. Not only is this likely to be a fake but there is a chance that it is fraudulent and looking to steal your personal details. For online slots, make sure that the website you are using is legitimate and has the necessary stamp of legitimacy that all casino sites display. For real life slots, make sure that it is in a reputable bar or casino before playing. If you have found a random slot machine by a service station then you should probably avoid it. 

Extravagant Slot Machines 

Another slot to avoid is a slot machine which is particularly flashy or extravagant. This is because the flashier a slot is, the more it costs to run thus increasing the house edge a slot will have. Stick to the relatively low key slot machines as they are more likely to have a reduced house edge. 

Final Thoughts 

There is a lot to be on the lookout for when playing slots. It is always wise to do research before you play any slot, this can stop you from making a costly mistake later down the road.

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