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You might want to get a smooth PC game downloading experience. To ensure this, we at ApunKaGames, provide a user-friendly platform to download all types of games for PC. We update the latest versions of all games so that you get the best games on our website,

From a wide collection of games from all categories to an ad-free interface, ApunKaGames has everything you need in a reliable game downloading website. You can also see the reviews from our online community, who always choose us to download the games for PC. We do not require any registration for downloading. You just have to find your desired name and download it in a few easy steps.

What Game Should You Download from ApunKaGames?

Downloading the right PC game online is not so easy. You need to consider a few things before selecting the right game for you and your PC. Here is what you need to see before downloading any game from our website.

Downloading the right PC game online is not so easy. You need to consider a few things before selecting the right game for you and your PC. Here is what you need to see before downloading any game from our website.

Genre Preference: Choosing the right game genre is the first step. Discover your interest before downloading the game. We have categorized PC games on the menu to help you find relevant genres.

Storyline and Narrative: You should also read some storylines of the game to see if it builds curiosity to play. There are many informational blogs and data available for you to know the game’s storyline.

Multiplayer Options: If you want a multiplayer game, then ApunKaGames has a whole different variety for you. Enjoy the best gaming experience with quick multiplayer game downloads from our platform.

Game Reviews: We list all types of games here. Make sure you check the reviews of the game before downloading. The reputation of a game developer and rating matters a lot. Check this out to pick the worthy game.

System Requirements: Compatibility with the game is vital for playing the game that you want to download. We show all the system requirements on the download page of every game for your convenience.








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Our Promises to Every PC Games Lover

The team at ApunKaGames strives hard to give you the most updated version of all games. From casual games to large-sized adventure games, you get the latest game updates on our website. Here are our promises to every one of you.

Vast Game Library

Vast Game Library 

We promise that you will find your dream game to download free of cost here.

Easy Downloads

ApunKaGames is the best platform to get easy and safe game downloads.

No Ads or Distractions

No Ads or Distractions

On our website, you won’t see any excessive tabs or a bunch of pop-up ads on the sidebar.

A Huge Collection of PC Games at ApunKaGames



We have all the action games in our collection that are full of existing challenges and HD displays.



Explore the exciting world of adventure PC games in India from the ApunKaGames website.



Enjoy realistic graphics and high-speed car or bike racing games if it makes you feel excited.


We list the most innovative indie games for PC so that you can try the unique games across the globe.



ApunKaGames has some really enjoyable casual games to make you feel relaxed after a hectic day.



If you love to be a mastermind, then our strategy games are the best. We have 50+ such games on our list.

High-Quality Games

Error-Free Installation

We ensure that every step we offer for PC games is 100% functional. You will not see any error during installation or downloading the PC games from ApunKaGames. Our team of managers keeps every file updated to give you the most up-to-date setup of your favorite game. So, there is no need to stress anymore; your wait and effort will be worth it because every game on our website works perfectly.

Error-Free Installation - ApunKaGames
Fast Game Downloading Speed - ApunKaGames

Quick Downloading

Fast Game Downloading Speed

You might notice if you download PC games in India from low-quality websites, there is very slow internet speed. It doesn’t happen at ApunKaGames because we feature Mega files, which are considered the best choice for fast downloading. Other than this, our dedicated hosting and optimized interface do not make your game downloading experience slower and full of frustration. So, choose your desired game and hit the download button to see that we mean everything that we say.

Easy Steps to Download PC Games

Follow these simple steps to download any PC game from ApunKaGames:

Browse Games: Find the game you want by genre or exact name on our platform.

Select a Game: The gameplay screenshots are added so you can select the right game.

Download the Game: You will see the “Get Now” button at the end of the page, press it.

Install and Play: Once the download is complete, enjoy playing games with our website.

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Choose ApunKaGames for Downloading PC Games!

Maximize the pleasure of playing games by choosing ApunKaGames. We only feature the error-free games that are listed to be downloaded quickly. In our collection, every game is updated to its latest version so you get the best game in India from us.

You don’t have to worry about downloading games if it’s your first time. Our interface is very easy to understand, even for a 12-year-old. In addition, we specify all the system requirements and further details for the convenience of the user.

What Does People Say About ApunKaGames

Arjun Thakur

Downloading games through this website was a very easy process. I have saved this website so I can download my next games from this without any hassle. I will surely recommend using this platform for all GTA game lovers. Cheers!

James Andrew

ApunKaGames is now popular among our crew because we all use it for downloading all the latest and old games for PC. The interface is very easy, and the downloading speed is also very fast compared to other game-downloading websites.

Kiran Kumar

I am a huge fan of strategy games, and ApunKaGames has a huge stock of such games with easy downloading availability. This is really a perfect website to download such high-quality games. Also, it doesn’t show you cheap ads for a smooth experience.

Have Questions?

At ApunKaGames, all types of games are available for all computer systems. You can download from casual and racing to strategy and shooting games. Browse our collection to find the desired game on our website.

We do not charge any cost for downloading PC games from our platform. Even the premium and latest games are available for free download. Check out our latest games to download and enjoy playing them with your friends.

Downloading games from our website is very easy. You just have to select your desired genre or game. Games are listed with thumbnails and gameplay screenshots for transparency. Click the download button at the end to start downloading the game.

In our collection, there are several multiplayer fighting, racing, and shooting games. These are the best to play with your friends. Enjoy quality time with your beloved gaming partners with games by Apun Ka Games.

You will not get any viruses from our games because they are efficiently detected and listed after the entire check. So, no need to worry and download the best PC game from our website.

If you didn’t find your desired game in our collection, feel free to contact us at [email protected]. We will keep you updated with the addition of new games in our collection that you want.

We do not limit the opportunity to download our games. You can download them without any cost from any device and any computer. There aren’t system requirements to use the ApunKaGames website.

There is no specific time period for adding new games to our collection. Our team keeps an eye on the latest launches so that you get all the variety at our platform. Still, we aim to add new games at the start of every month.

Yes, we do not put restrictions on our website users and online community. After downloading, you can share our game with your friends. However, make sure you mention our website while sharing games that are downloaded by our platform.

We have a dedicated team for 24/7 support. You can email us at [email protected] to get answers to any game-related queries. Our team will assist you in finding the best PC game for you.