15 Best Free Online YouTube Video Downloader Apps (2023)

YouTube video downloader

15 Best Free Online YouTube Video Downloader Apps (2023)

YouTube video downloader

Downloading videos from YouTube is a common need for many internet users. However, YouTube does not have a built-in option that allows you to save videos offline directly. That’s why a good YouTube video downloader app is essential. In this article, I will share 15 of the best free online YouTube video downloader apps to use in 2023 based on website and mobile usage.

How to Choose A Good Online YouTube Video Downloader App

When picking a YouTube downloader, there are several factors to consider:

Specifically, you’ll want to make sure the YouTube video downloader you choose is fast, contains no malware, works on your device, and lets you download videos in the quality you want. Checking reviews from trusted sites can help avoid poor quality programs.

7 Best Free Online YouTube Video Downloader Apps on Desktop (2023)

1. SSyoutube

SSyoutube lacks advanced options seen in other downloader tools. There is no ad blocker, closed-caption support, or ability to select audio quality. The minimal interface also means a learning curve for less tech-savvy users. Additionally, cropped video issues are occasionally reported.

Pros Cons
Fast download speeds No advanced settings options
Simple intuitive interface Occasional cropped video bugs reported
Direct MP3/MP4 conversion Confusing for non-tech users


2. RipYoutube

While RipYoutube delivers great core performance, it has room to improve in areas like format support and usability. In particular, integration with sites beyond YouTube could be expanded. There have also been some past complaints of the app crashing, though recent updates have addressed this. Finally, the workflow involves more steps than some competitors.

Pros Cons
Downloads YouTube playlists/channels Limited to YouTube website
4K quality support Past crashing issues reported
Editing tools included Multiple steps for downloading


3. 4K Video Downloader

The downsides of 4K Video Downloader mostly come down to pricing. While technically free, you need a premium account to utilize some of the best automation features for convenient downloading. There are also occasional bugs reported in keeping subscriptions up to date. Finally, the browser extensions lack capabilities of some rivals.

Pros Cons
Leading 4K/HD quality Paid subscription needed for full benefits
Fast batch downloading Buggy subscription updates
Automation tools Limited browser extension


FLVTO’s link parsing can sometimes fail, causing downloads to get stuck or corrupted. The sheer number of supported sites also means more chance for unpredictable issues versus a dedicated YouTube solution. Lastly, downloading playlists requires manually entering each video URL rather than parsing the full playlist directly.

Pros Cons
50+ supported platforms Fails to parse some video links
Browser extensions available More sites = more bugs
MP3 conversion option No playlist bulk downloading

5. aTube Catcher

As an older YouTube downloading utility, aTube Catcher lacks some modern conveniences for speed and integration seen in newer apps. Specifically, it can be slower than competitors when downloading multiple videos and has no browser extension for easy one-click downloads. The video conversion functionality also lags tools with hardware acceleration optimization.

Pros Cons
Simple quick downloading Outdated/slow performance
Additional utility tools No browser integration
Established program history Dated multi-video downloading

6. Helper

Since Helper only provides core downloading functionality, users needing editing tools or format conversion beyond MP4 may need secondary software. It also frequently tries installing additional programs during setup, requiring diligence to avoid unwanted add-ons. Finally, the website itself contains many ads which detracts from the Helper browser add-on’s convenience.

Pros Cons
Quick downloads from browser Lack of video conversion/editing
Adds no watermarks Unwanted program offers during setup
Free to use Heavy advertising on site

7. DVDVideoSoft YouTube Downloader

As a web app, the DVDVIdeoSoft YouTube video downloader depends on browser security allowing execution of Adobe Flash. Because many browsers now block Flash for safety, this tool may not work unless settings exceptions are made. Also, lacking a standalone desktop program means no ability to download multiple videos sequentially in the background easily. And advanced users get frustrated by the lack of format quality control compared to installed apps.

Pros Cons
No installation needed Relies on outdated Flash technology
Simple single field interface No background batch downloading
Quick web-based downloading Few quality control options

8 Best Free YouTube Video Downloader Apps on Phone (2023)

1. SaveFrom

SaveFrom comes from a less reputable publisher compared to apps like KeepVid or InsTube. Its security permissions should be monitored in case of overreach. Additionally, while fast for downloading individual videos, batch/playlist performance could be better optimized based on some user complaints. Finally, complex naming conventions for quality outputs creates confusion for average consumers.

Pros Cons
Downloads many platforms Questionable publisher reputation
Feature-packed Overreaching permissions possible
Good for single video grabs Batch downloading optimization lacking

2. InsTube

As a lesser-known app, InsTube suffers from multiple fake copycats trying to deliver malware or otherwise compromised versions. Ensuring you only install from verified sources is essential. Next, while supporting many sites, niche Asian platform compatibility in particular could be improved. Finally, some users report problems logging in to download age-restricted content.

Pros Cons
4K quality downloads Many unsafe fake app clones
Built-in media players Buggy with niche Asian sites
Private browsing mode Login issues reported occasionally

3. SnapTube

A key downside for SnapTube is needing to root Android devices to enjoy full functionality – limiting users ability to safely download restricted content. The amount of permissions required also raises some eyebrows regarding privacy. Finally, SnapTube’s own ad placements create visual clutter interfering with otherwise smooth YouTube video saving convenience.

Pros Cons
Audio MP3 extraction Root required for full access
Multi-platform support Heavy ad presence
Downloader + editor Excessive permissions

4. Y Music

As a specialized YouTube to MP3 conversion app, Y Music lacks complete video saving functionality of broader downloader tools. Its focus on music also means less active development attention on maintaining compatibility with YouTube compared to video-centric apps. Finally, while it avoids ads itself, some converted streams still contain source ads needing removal.

Pros Cons
Clean dedicated MP3 interface No full video downloads
Fast straightforward grabbing YouTube updates break music saving
Ad-free experience Saved music retains some ads

5. Video Downloader Professional

While convenient for quick grabs directly in the browser, Video Downloader Professional lacks versatility compared to standalone mobile YouTube savers. For example, background downloading and video format conversions are not supported currently. The UX is also dated compared to slicker modern apps focused solely on downloading rather than web enhancements generally.

Pros Cons
Browser-based convenience No background downloading
Batch video downloading Lacks video conversions
Simple fast interface Dated UX design

6. KeepVid

On iOS devices, KeepVid can only save YouTube videos and lacks support for other major platforms available on the Android version. Additionally, video quality maxes out at 1080p – lagging apps with 4K. Finally, features like simplify heating videos to MP3s involve cumbersome workarounds worse than purpose-built converter competitors.

Pros Cons
Web app requiring no install Limited to YouTube on iPhone
Supports 500+ sites on Android Max 1080p quality on iOS
Workarounds for basic conversions Needs hacks for MP3 saving

7. VidMate

While VidMate delivers well on its core offerings, aspects like its outdated design, lack of casting capabilities, and reliance on third party libraries contribute downsides. In particular, infrequent UI refresh lag competitors focused solely on downloader functionality. So some seek alternatives unless needing editing tools or music format conversion specifically that VidMate prioritizes.

Pros Cons
Leading YouTube to MP3 app Stale outdated UI
Video editing tools included No casting support
Strong music format support Depends on dubious libraries

8. EasyVideoHelper

EasyVideoHelper’s open source nature results in many modified APKs circulating outside Google Play with increased malware potential for those avoiding main release channels. Additionally, inconsistent support across Android OS variations causes compatibility issues for niche device users. Finally, while fast actually downloading, site link parsing struggles compared to other apps.

Pros Cons
Leading video/audio downloader malware in unofficial APKs
Supports many quality options Buggy behavior on rare Android devices
Actively developed Slower link processing

Is It Safe to Use A YouTube Video Downloader?

When downloading copyrighted material from YouTube or other streaming sites, you should only do so for personal use under fair use policies. Circumventing streaming platform restrictions can constitute piracy based on your region. Many tools on this list provide disclaimers that you are responsible for lawful usage. As long as you only utilize YouTube video downloaders to store videos offline for your own legal personal viewing, most carry little risk. However, some third-party download programs do contain malware and should be avoided for safety.

Last Word

Now you have an arsenal of 15 highly capable YouTube video downloader tools for both web and mobile platforms in 2023. The best options provide great download speeds minus intrusive ads or malware. Just be aware of copyright laws when saving online videos offline. With this list, finding an excellent free YouTube video downloading solution that meets all your needs should now be straightforward.