3 Marketing Benefits From Using Customer Data Platform Technology

3 Marketing Benefits From Using Customer Data Platform Technology

How Customer Data Platform can be beneficial for Marketing Automation

Every business, whether large with hundreds of employees or small with only one or two entrepreneurs, benefits by focusing on how best to market its products and services to the public. One quickly realizes that marketing entails a significant amount of energy spent gathering data, preparing campaigns and assessing outcomes to adjust for the next round of marketing activities. However, you do not have to do all this work alone. Fortunately, modern online technologies geared toward enhancing your marketing efforts can take the guesswork out of your collected data and translate it into useful information that can infuse your promotional endeavors with new direction and purpose. Businesses of all sizes have found three benefits when they add CDP technology to their arsenal of marketing strategies.

  1. It Organizes Data

CDP, also known as a customer data platform, technology aids your business marketing in numerous vital ways. Companies that want to learn more about the people who visit their online stores and websites gather data through various means and use the information to help direct and streamline their marketing campaigns. For example, information might come from surveys and forms that visitors can fill out on your website. Analytics can also identify data gathered on your favorite social media sites where you have an online presence. Additionally, you can capture useful information by tracking your customers’ buying habits while on your business website. Because most firms collect data from many diverse sources, it becomes crucial to have a way of bringing it all together and then sorting and storing it in an organized manner. This aid comes through CDP technology, which combines all of the valuable information you gather and puts it in one place to be manipulated by your marketing team in different ways to inform and hopefully benefit their campaign actions.

  1. It Helps To Target Specific Audiences

Figuring out what makes each of your customers unique and special can hold a significant key to determining what types of promotions and marketing would best play to their wants and needs. Many marketing teams, however, often find it difficult to glean this vital information from many and various sources. Details can easily get lost in the data shuffle. Consequently, the desire to target specific audiences causes companies to use CDP technology. It eases the dilemma of gathering the complex customer data you need in one easy-to-access place. Sorted information streamlines your marketing efforts, and the technology enables multiple marketing team members to access it to get their work done effectively.

  1. It Identifies Profiles

Marketing teams must determine who buys products or services from their company. For instance, do men or women make up most of your customers? Do you know what they purchased, how much they spent and whether they bought once or repeatedly from your storefront? Identifying your customers’ specific demographics and buying habits will help you group them into similar categories. Armed with this critical information, you can then plan focused marketing campaigns designed to meet the unique needs of each profile group you have identified. Additionally, it can help you decrease your unsubscribe rates when you adjust your marketing for first-time buyers with those who have repeatedly purchased and may not appreciate hearing about products and services they have already bought. Many companies turn to CDP technology for assistance in delineating this type of data. The technology can gather and sort this information, making it more readily available and thereby usable by your marketing team members.

Customer data platforms have provided many solutions to typical data organization issues faced by large and small businesses. It delivers fast yet accurate and customizable ways of helping you to organize, sort and manipulate your information in helpful ways to enhance your business marketing. Finally, with the data you can gather with CDP, you can gain insight into your unique customer base to target your marketing campaigns to have the most significant impact on your fiscal bottom line.