3 UFC stars who are avid video game streamers on Twitch

Everyone needs to unwind once in a while and several UFC stars are known to stream games live on Twitch
UFC fighters have one of the most stressful jobs in the world. Not only do they have to train hard and stay in shape but there is every chance of picking up an injury while fighting inside the Octagon.
Broken bones, gashes and torn ligaments are part and parcel of being a MMA fighter. It is imperative that these stars have an avenue to relax outside of the MMA world and gaming is one such escape route.
Many UFC stars stream games regularly with some also participating in competitions. Channels such as YouTube and Twitch allow these UFC stars to be closer to their fans and show off their skills.
Some of them have created a legacy in the gaming industry, like Demetrious Johnson, and here are three UFC stars who stream games regularly.
1) Angela Hill
Apart from being the first black woman to headline a UFC event, Angela Hill loves to stream games. The 35-year-old American has also done work behind the analysts table for the UFC but she is an avid gamer too.
Hill has played Call of Duty, a favourite among streamers, on her Twitch stream several times. However, her most recent streams have been dedicated to a game closer to home.
UFC 4 was released recently and Hill was one of the stars that featured the game on her stream. The 35-year-old hasn’t won a title yet in the UFC but she could hold her own if it came to an e-sport competition.
2) Sean O’Malley
Sean O’Malley is one of the rising stars in the UFC and until recently, he was undefeated in his MMA career. Sean O’Malley’s Networth is around $550,000 and his last fight alone increased his purse by $134,000.
Sugar, as he is called, has his own podcast where he also shares predictions for UFC fights. However, O’Malley is one of the most entertaining performers in the UFC and he is hilarious outside the Octagon too.
The 26-year-old has also featured UFC 4 on his Twitch account. However, his real calling seems to be the wildly popular Fortnite game.
Sugar won the 2018 Fortnite Pro Am and more recently, he has been streaming Call of Duty: Modern Warfare.
3) Robert Whittaker
Robert Whittaker is one of the best in the UFC and is a former Middleweight Champion. However, the Reaper is also one of the biggest streamers from the promotion.
The Australian often posts videos of him playing games even if he isn’t in a mood to stream. Whittaker has streamed Fallout 76 in recent weeks but he seems to love playing horror, survival and psychological games.
The latest game for the Reaper is Don’t Starve Together. Whittaker also seems keen on also getting some major quests done on Elder Scrolls Online and his subs on Twitch are continuing to grow as well.

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