3 Ways PDFBear Can Help You Handle Your PDF Documents

What is PDF? PDF or Portable Document Format is a type of file format used for storing and sharing electronic documents. Forms, documents, web pages, and images encoded in PDF can be correctly viewed on computers, tablets, smartphones, and other compatible devices. As such, when you submit or share your reports in PDF form, the recipient will be able to open and read them on their computers, Macs, iOs, or Android smartphones.
However, one of the notable downsides of a PDF document is it can’t be edited or modified. Thus, it can be pretty challenging to manage or add something to your document content when it is in a PDF form. Thanks to the advancement of technology, online PDF tools such as PDFBear are created so that you can easily manage your PDF files without a hassle.
To walk you through the efficiency of PDFBear, here are three of the things you can do to manage your PDF files using this web-based platform.

Unlock Encrypted PDF Files

Encrypting PDF files is one great way to keep your document content secured and protected. However, it may also give you a headache when you have to open a locked PDF file multiple times. Typing your password over and over again just to open a single documents can be time-consuming and a bit tiring.
If you want to skip such a thing, it might be better to unlock PDF first before reading its content. For this matter, PDFBear can help you decrypt a locked PDF file without installing any software. Yes, that’s right! Since this online platform uses superior technology and everything happens in the cloud, there’s no need to download or install any apps or software to utilize PDFBear services.
To decrypt your locked PDF using this web-based service, all you need to do is upload the protected file to PDFBear site and enter your passcode. Once you’re done with the uploading session, tap to “Unlock PDF” key to start the decrypting process. It will only take a short moment to get the output that you need. When the process is completed, you may download the unlocked PDF on your device or share it with your Google Drive.

Compress PDF Files

Resizing PDF files can be intimidating, especially when you’re not that familiar with computer software and navigations needed for the task. Fortunately, PDFBear is created to compress any PDF documents without a hassle. With this platform, you don’t have to install apps on your device since it uses cloud storage for all its transactions. Besides that, its superior technology will let you compress PDF in the smallest size possible, keeping all the vital features and quality intact. In turn, you don’t have to worry about the output you’ll get out of compressing your files using PDFBear’s resizing tool.
Furthermore, you may access this all-in-one PDF platform through mainstream browsers such as Mozilla and Chrome. You can also use your smartphones and tablets when utilizing the PDFBear’s compressor.

Convert PDF into Another Document Format

There are numerous reasons why you have to convert PDF files into another document format. One common instance is when you need to modify your PDF document and insert essential information on its content. When you encounter such a scenario, PDFBear’s conversion tool can help you change your PDF format and convert it into editable forms such as MS Word Docs, Excel spreadsheets, and PowerPoint presentations.
Besides these features, PDFBear can also convert other document formats into email-ready PDFs to make it easier to send across the web. In fact, it can even turn HTML into easy-to-read PDF files to help you share your website content via electronic mail. Furthermore, you may grab this online converter’s services by just following four simple steps.
First, you have to select the file you wish to be converted and upload it to PDFBear’s conversion portal. Then, this tool will automatically detect your document and transform it to the respective format you needed. Third, wait for a few seconds until the process is completed. Lastly, modify your newly converted file if necessary and download it on your device.


Because of its easy to read, print, and share feature, PDF became one of the most used document formats in today digital time. But, despite the good things it offers, many users still find it hard to handle a tamper-free Portable Document Format file. However, thanks to PDFBear, managing this type of electronic paper becomes easier, faster, and more convenient.

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