When you are out for metal detecting, it is pretty easy to get discouraged. So, it’s essential to know the best practices to get the best results using metal detecting accessories; you can even call it smart hunting. Today, we will share the essential tips that can help you make your hunting easy and successful. Let’s begin.

Tip 1: Find Location on Google Earth Before Taking Metal Detecting Accessories

Before you randomly start to look for metal detecting finds, it is better to search the locations on Google Earth. It will help you out with the potential spots in the local area. With this, you can even discover hidden fields in the forest that aren’t visible from the road. Keep your eye out for such clear lands. 

Tip 2: Organize the Metal Detecting Leads

If you find some exciting locations, make sure you pin them. You can also organize these leads in a separate folder. While doing so, make sure your privacy settings are enabled, as you don’t want to share the area right away. Then, you can find the exact coordinates from Google Maps. This way, you’ll never get lost during the hunt. 

Or else, you can also ask the professionals at the metal detector store like Teknetics Direct. They can help in suggesting a place to hunt.

Tip 3: Make Use of Historical Aerials 

It will help you filter out the areas you want to detect by providing historical aerial photos. It is ideal if you are looking for hunting sites like old trails or swimming pool holes. Whereas, if you are interested in hunting for coins or relics, use an atlas of that area.

You can easily find the atlas on the internet. Depending on the data available, it can also give you a view of old homesites, which is an excellent thing to have for any hunter. 

Tip 4: Look for the Property Owner & Ask Their Permission

Once you have shortlisted the prime location, the next thing to do is ask permission from the landowner. It is essential to get the permit always, and in no case should you trespass the area. However, for many hunters, the question remains: how to find the owner? The answer is simple. There are multiple tools available online that can help you fetch such information. 

If the location you found is a business, you can find their website and look for the ‘Contact Us’ section. Do not get discouraged if their first answer is no. You can always try again. In the case of private property, usually, the owner’s contact information is quite easily accessible. 

You can either reach out to them on social media or send them a handwritten letter for contacting them. Once you have managed to get the permission, you will have an opportunity to put your smart hunting to work.

These are some smart tips that you can use to make your hunting with metal detecting accessories easy. It will help you shortlist the locations that give you tons of possibilities to find different treasures. 

Frequently Asked Questions
  • How can I improve my metal detector performance?

Good news for every hunter! There are a lot of simple steps that can help to optimize the performance of the metal detector. Among the best solutions is to buy metal detecting accessories. In addition to this, you can follow these tips:

  • Turn on the sensitivity settings.
  • Make sure the search coil of the detector is closer to the ground.
  • Decrease the discrimination settings.
  • Try out different swing speeds of the detector.
  • Use headphones to cancel out all the noises from the surrounding.

  • Can you find stuff with a metal detector?

Yes, if you dig in the right place, you’ll get some fantastic treasures during the hunt. The most common things that are discovered include coins and jewelry. Though there are some trash items like bottle caps or nails that can become a hurdle, there are going to be some actual metal detecting finds that have monetary and historical value.

  • Will real gold set off a metal detector?

The real gold, silver, or other fine jewelry rarely triggers the alarm. It means you can wear your jewelry pieces without any worry. On the other hand, oversized and metallic jewelry can cause the alarm to get active. Therefore, it’s a good idea to keep them away during the hunt.

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