5 Benefits of Having Frosted Glass in Your Home

5 Benefits of Having Frosted Glass in Your Home

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Whether you are building your future home or remodeling your current one, you may be curious to know if ordering frosted glass is for you. Frosted glass gets its name from the opaque translucent look that obscures what’s on the other side of the glass from the human eye. It can come in a variety of textures, depending on the technique that is used during its formation. It is typically found in bathrooms and on the front door of a house providing an extra layer of privacy and security to a home. However, frosted glass tends to be much more costly than clear glass as it must be customized and designed specifically for placement within your home. This article will outline five benefits of installing frosted glass in your home and give you perspective on whether the benefits are worth the extra cost.

1: Filter UV Rays and Conserve Energy

Unlike normal glass, frosted glass doors or windows filter natural light that penetrates the glass, helping to catch harmful ultraviolet rays before they enter your home and protecting your furniture over time. However, plenty of light rays still pass through the glass, allowing your home to be illuminated naturally and decreasing your electricity usage during daylight hours.

2: Aesthetically Pleasing and Customizable

Frosted glass is becoming more popular within homes, especially on front doors and as sliding doors to bathrooms and bedrooms. It is also being used within rooms for closet doors, showers, and for windows that may not be curtained such as the ones inside a bathroom.

Keep in mind that frosted glass is highly customizable, giving you the flexibility to make a statement with an item that is often overlooked in interior design. You can add color to fit your house aesthetic or a stamp of your family crest into the glass. Stripes, leaves, vines, or flowers can be etched into the glass to create a work of art. Whatever you can imagine, it can be done.

3: Easy to Clean

For anyone who has been tasked with cleaning a house, you probably know how hard it is to keep pure glass fingerprint- and smudge-free for a lengthy duration of time—especially with children in your home. With frosted glass, you can rest easy knowing that grubby fingerprints on windows and doors are a thing of the past, even in high-touch areas. The occasional wipe will suffice in keeping your frosted glass looking fantastic. Additionally, because of its textured surface, you will not leave streaks on the glass or leftover fuzz from your wipe-down, even if using just paper towels and glass cleaner.

4: Additional Privacy

The typical smooth glass is totally transparent, meaning it can serve as a barrier from one thing to another, but it provides no privacy in the process. The naked eye can see directly through to the other side of the glass. Depending on the location of the glass, this could be a disadvantage. Frosted glass has a rough surface, meaning that it is translucent, allowing only some light rays to pass through. Because of its texture, you cannot see from one side of the glass to the other besides just vague color contrasts and large general, blurred shapes. This adds an extra level of privacy in areas where it is used.

5: Durability

Typically, frosted glass is given its special opaque textured surface through sandblasting. Once that treatment is complete, it can be tempered. Tempering is what makes the glass stronger by slowing the cooling process during creation. With this treatment, if damaged the glass will not shatter, helping to protect you and your home whether during an accident or severe weather.

If you are considering installing frosted glass within your home, know that it is a safe and versatile option—not just because of the boost in privacy, but also because of its long-lasting quality that will hold up against daily wear and tear as well as during most tornados, hurricanes, and other natural disasters.