5 Best Football Games of All Time

Going back to the 1980s, we have enjoyed a plethora of football video games. From playing football matches as a complete team or controlling individual players to taking over the management or acting as chairperson, the options are endless. However, on this page we have narrowed it down to what we believe to be the 5 best football games of all time.

Sensible Soccer

Considering the modern style of football video games, it may seem strange to go back to the 1990s, but one the best football games of all time is Sensible Soccer. There were several versions of the game released including the original Sensible World of Soccer in 1992 and Sensible World of Soccer 95/96. The game was played from a bird’s eye view and the controls were extremely simple. A player could walk, run, kick the ball, dive for a header, and slide to make a tackle. There was nothing complex about Sensible Soccer, but it played beautifully and even the made-up names of the players were a hit. Thanks to the quality of the game, people still compete in Sensible Soccer tournaments today.


There have been many developments in the FIFA videogame franchise, but the 2021 edition is ranked as being one of the best of all time. FIFA is the go-to modern football videogame and millions of players compete against other in Ultimate Team mode where dream teams are created using footballers from different clubs and nations. It has been difficult for Electronic Arts to keep improving the FIFA game each year, but they always manage to offer something a little different by making tweaks to improve the gameplay and that was certainly the case in 2021. FIFA is played competitively as an eSport, and it is even possible to bet on the events. If you are interested in having a wager on FIFA, betting on football doesn’t have to be expensive. According to these minimum deposit sites in India, you can bet from as little as ₹55.

Championship Manager: Season 01/02

Much like the FIFA videogame series, Championship Manager has been released on an annual basis since the first game in 1992. However, there is no doubting the best game in the series and that goes to Championship Manager: Season 01/02. The management simulation is the perfect combination of depth and speed, with seasons playable quickly but plenty of options for those what wanted a deep dive into football management. From scouting unknown players in lesser leagues to creating the ultimate tactic, Championship Manager: Season 01/02 remains the king of football management video games and one of the 5 best football games of all time.

Pro Evolution Soccer 6

Pro Evolution Soccer is the direct competitor to FIFA. While it does not attract the same number of players as the EA Sports title, Konami released one of the best football games of all time in 2006. Pro Evolution Soccer 6 was famed for the way Konami hit the sweet spot between a football arcade game and a simulation. The shooting and passing were as close to the real thing as anyone had seen in a football game and the big-name players of the day, including Thierry Henry and David Beckham, had their own playing styles. The only downfall of Pro Evolution Soccer 6 is the fact Konami have struggled to produce anything as good in their most recent football games.

Kick Off 2

Finally, in our list of the 5 best football games of all time, we go back to the beginning with Kick Off 2. Released in 1990, Kick Off 2 is the earliest football game to feature on this page and was the creator of the ‘after touch’ mechanic. After touch allowed players to add curl to shots on goal and that was a huge game changer for the industry. Employing the top-down approach later adopted by Sensible Soccer, Kick Off 2 may not have aged well graphically but it remains one of the best football games of all time.

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