5 Best Tools to Create and Edits Your SVG Files

SVG is an acronym for (Scalable Vector Graphics), it is a vector file format that you cannot open with even the most well-known editing tool like Photoshop. Although you can be able to open SVG vector files with Adobe Illustrator, you sometimes do not want to invest money for doing just that. Besides that, if your artwork preference involves PNG to SVG transformation, then an online PNG to SVG converter is the tool that you need.

Here you could explore a few best SVG editors that assist you to edit and create SVG vector files.

Best SVG File Editor:

Let’s take a look at a few best free online SVG tools:


It is one of the best online SVG file editing apps that take into account editing a file. You can get the opportunity of importing multiple files within a single image. There you can find an option that lets you, people, manage all the layers of an SVG vector file format. And, if you aim to convert PNG to SVG according to vector image tracing, then visit to get the best PNG to SVG converter online for free.

Also, the Vectr app is packed with all the basic options that help you to add or remove a particular object. You could easily find the GRID option that allows you to edit your image better. When it comes to exporting, you will get multiple options. For instance, you can be able to download the edited SVG file as SVG, JPG, or PNG. Also, you can give a try to PNG to SVG converter online to save PNG as an SVG vector tracing file format.

Method Draw:

Method Draw is another editing app through which you could easily make changes in your existing SVG file. Apart from that, if you want to convert the existing PNG raster image to an SVG vector, then commence using an online PNG to SVG converter. This program assists you from altering the color to adding shapes without any quality loss. An account with this app right now assists you to quickly importing more than one SVG vector file. However, if you decided to export, you will there get two options: PNG and SVG. And, humble thanks to an online PNG to SVG converter that specifically best to convert PNG to color SVG file format.

The downside of this application is that you won’t get any “Layer” option, it does not allow you to do any layer-level editing.


Although this application till now received frequent updates from the developers, it still works best for many others. It is indicated as the most useful SVG file editor as it is packed with tons of options to manage every aspect of an SVG vector format. This handy application allows you to make a change such as adjusting the shape, fonts, even assists to add gradient color, etc. Moreover, now it becomes handy to convert PNG to SVG color tracing with the free assistance of an online PNG to SVG converter. It is packed with simple UI and all the options are well managed. You never face any problem even if you are a beginner. Bear in mind that you could easily import or export images from/to Google Drive only.

Vector Paint:

Get the best version of an online SVG editor that helps to create and manage your SVG vector files without any problem. Although this program does not assist you to import files from Google Drive, you could use your hard disk to source your file. Besides that, if you want to convert PNG to SVG vector according to black and white presets, then seek the best PNG to SVG converter online right now. For instance, you can be able to add only a few shapes, text, etc. The upside about this tool is that you can be able to add various plugins i-e, makers, pattern shape fill, color picker, and many others. You will there get the three options for saving the file such as SVG, JPG, and PNG. But when it comes to only PNG to SVG vector file conversions, then adopt the best version of an online PNG to SVG converter right now.


You could now make all kinds of SVG editing with ease by using this best version of feature-rich SVG editor. It can take a couple of seconds to import multiple SVG vector files to create a single icon. When it comes to editing, you will explore a wide range of tools and options such as text, shape, pen, selection, and many others. Whereas while exporting, you will there find the two best options including SVG and PNG.

Thankfully, you explored the best version of online SVG editors, stick anyone according to your artwork preferences.