5 Important Things to Understand Before Hair Transplantation



Hair transplants are widely normalized nowadays. It is nearly impossible not to hear or read about the ongoing trends related to hair transplants. Around 2019, people excessively started accepting the procedure. Hence the hair transplant has become a trend.

Even with increased acceptance in people for the procedure, a question arises. “Is hair transplant as easily done as it sounds to be on social media?” It can be said that the procedure is simple, but it should be kept in mind that it is still a real surgery. Skyclinic is a well-known clinic that provides assistance and helps you understand the whole procedure with its pros and cons.

It is normal to choose a hair transplant treatment through various options. Before booking your consultation with your doctor, we suggest you keep in mind five things that are essential for your knowledge:

The transplanted hair is completely normal:

It is an occasionally asked question by patients whether they need to take great care of their hair after transplant. While the worry is natural, treating your transplanted hair the way you would treat your normal hair is fine.

Hair transplant lasts permanently:

You should always understand that the results are permanent whenever going for a hair transplant treatment. If you are looking for hair repair, getting a transplant will last permanently. This should always be the basis of your decision-making.

Pricing of hair transplant:

Treatments such as hair transplants are done with extensive care; hence they are costly. Even though the cost of a hair transplant may be high, the results are worth investing your money in. The customers occasionally ask about the pricing of hair transplants.

Since the care needed for conducting a hair transplant is high, therefore going for cheap options just because you think all transplants are the same could result in issues in the procedure.

It is recommended to choose the clinics that provide you with acceptable services within a moderate range. This is where Skyclinic comes to provide you with the best results in the moderate pricing range.

Procedures of hair transplant:

While referring to hair restoration, you are provided with plenty of options to pick from. This could also lead to confusion between so many choices. Whereas when it comes to a proper hair transplant, you are limited to two choices.

The only two choices that you are provided with are FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction) and FUT (Follicular Unit Transaction). Whenever going for a transplant, you should choose your option carefully, keeping in mind what best suits you.

FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction) suggests that the hair be transplanted individually. On the other hand, FUT (Follicular Unit Transaction) refers to removing a strip of hair and transplanting it in the front.

The pros of FUT (Follicular Unit Transaction) are that you feel you have gotten a hair transplant, but this is for a short time, and the hair eventually grows out. Hence even if you go for the FUT procedure, it is safe to say that the ultimate result would eventually be satisfying.

A good clinic is a good treatment:

Understandably, picking out a clinic is difficult, but this is the most important part of your treatment. Choosing your clinic is your ultimate decision; make sure that the chosen clinic is not confusing you at all.

Final verdict:

The consultations provided to you are the pathway to your decisions. Skyclinic provides you with the best consultation being completely balanced. Keeping these five things in your mind, take decisions that are best suited for you. Please consult your doctor or contact us to get the best consultation for yourself.

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