5 new ways how we can be scammed on the Internet

There are various ways to get a person to give money without resorting to threats or physical pressure. The Internet not only makes it possible to earn money without leaving your apartment but also makes a person more careful when choosing the sites that he visits. After the attacker takes possession of the friend’s savings, you can say as much as you like that the divorce was obvious. When a person himself is faced with a similar situation, then the rational decision is to analyze it and take measures so as not to fall for the hook next time.

Exchange of electronic money for cash

If we talk about several of the most popular fraud methods today, then we are talking about the transfer of funds from a card in exchange for cash. Such an offer can be profitable, as the scammer offers an excellent rate or pays double the commission. Typically, such offers come from those who have taken possession of another person’s smartphone and are striving to get money from the accounts to which they have access as soon as possible. Even if the attacker fulfills his obligations, the person who took advantage of such an offer may be held liable for financial fraud. For this reason, you should never give your phone number to strangers. You should not agree to exchange transactions even under the most favorable conditions.

Money per survey

Another popular option for swindling money is an invitation to participate in a survey, for which they promise a lot of money. Can a simple survey of 2-4 questions provide $10? With a rational attitude to the issue, it becomes obvious that it is not. But a person seeks to earn income with minimal effort, so he is led to an offer. After completing the survey, he is offered to confirm his identity by transferring a symbolic amount to the specified account, for example, $ 1. Naturally, after that, access to the site is blocked, and no one will respond to user requests.

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Bank security service

Attackers often present themselves as individuals in whom the average person has trust or respect:

  • representatives of the medical institution;
  • tax service;
  • police.

One of the most common ways to extort money from gullible citizens is to send a message to the post office or phone number. The message refers to the fact that a large transfer is being made from the user’s card, which makes the person act instinctively. In the message, the sender introduces himself as a bank employee and offers to send a code from SMS, which will allow you to cancel the transfer. By reporting such a code, a person voluntarily allows attackers access to the card. How should one act in such a situation? Call the hotline to block the card or sort out situations.

Asking for help from a colleague

This method of extortion is associated with a certain preparation. Fraudsters must study the target to find a weak point for pressure. Further, they introduce themselves as a colleague who needs to receive a certain amount to solve the problems that have arisen. For additional confidence, the message is confirmed by facts little known to outsiders. In this case, you should contact your colleague directly and clarify all the nuances.