5 Tips to Create a Best Thumbnail for Your YouTube Videos

5 Tips to Create a Best Thumbnail for Your YouTube Videos

YouTube is a platform where you can share your ideology with others through audio/visual media. In early days people use to share their knowledge and to think through newspapers and radio broadcast. Many professional YouTubers earns in a million every month, which is quite a good amount. According to YouTube stats, YouTube has 6.3 billion massive downloads with 1.3 million active users and over 32 million channels which makes this app a huge platform for sharing content worldwide. YouTube is completely free for its users. But some features are only available on the premium version. This app uses strict policy/terms and conditions to protect their users from online cyber threats.

What is the YouTube Thumbnail Size?

According to YouTube support centre, the Thumbnail size of the video should be 1280×720 where your image’s minimum pixel count must be 650px. But the ideal banner of the video should be 2560 x 144 for HD quality thumbnail which means that the size of the banner should be 2560 px and width should be 144px.
The aspect ratio for the thumbnail should be 16:9 only. Your thumbnail should be in JPG, GIF, or PNG file format.

Tips to Create Thumbnail for YouTube Videos

Tip 1: Less Text
You should keep the thumbnail text of your video shot and simple as this looks more elegant and tidier. Use at least 4 to 7 words only to make it clean and beautiful. Many popular YouTuber suggest keeping less text on the thumbnail as this consumes less time of the viewers and gives an attractive look to your video.
Tip 2: Big and Bold Fonts
Big and bold font style gives your text and thumbnail extra importance and strong meaning by which viewers believe that the video speaks something significant about a particular topic. You can use this trick to attract your viewers.
Tip 3: Colours & Graphics
Using colours and different types of graphics gives your thumbnail more professional look. Try to keep background colour pale and soft. Keep an eye on the colour contrast and brightness of the thumbnail.
Using graphical characteristics is the most compelling way to address your message to someone.
Tip 4: Put Your Face
Including a human face is very much important as this help in establishing a connection between you and your viewers’. Try to add a closeup of your face.
You can put your face to convey a strong emotion related to the topic of the video.
Tip 5: Use Same Design
Creating a standard theme for your thumbnail grant your viewers to recognize your channel’s video instantly. Try to create and use the same design for your every video as this gives an identity to your channel and videos that are created only by you.

How to Create a Free Thumbnail for YouTube?

You don’t need a professional Photoshop course to create a banner/thumbnail. There are many YouTube thumbnail makers software which allows you to create banners for your video, but all are not free. Although you can edit your thumbnail from YouTube Studio, it is an app created by YouTube itself.
One of the best way to create thumbnail using graphic designing apps. Here are some best gaming thumbnail maker is an easy, fast and free software which provide all the basic features for creating a thumbnail without any extra charges. You can download this software from Play store or from its official website. You can download on your computer also. Install and open the app. Upload the image you want for your thumbnail. You can now create a thumbnail of your choice.
Make sure that image size should not exceed more than 2.0Mb size limit. If you exceed this limit, you can compress your image from the in-built compressor tool provided in the same app.

Final Thoughts

If you want to attract your viewers to view your videos, you need a strong and appealing thumbnail. Make sure that thumbnail should be related and interconnected with your video’s topic to give the viewers a glimpse of the video. In profession terms, YouTube is a market in which your channel is a business, and the videos are the product. Hence, if you want to make your product outstanding and magnificent, you need a product design which is your thumbnail.
Note: Copying other videos thumbnail is totally banned on YouTube. If you are trying to copy thumbnail from any YouTube videos, make sure that you get the permission from the uploader of that particular video.

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