5 Top Reasons Why Rummy is Called a Game of Skill

5 Top Reasons Why Rummy is Called a Game of Skill

Rummy is a popular card game and in India, no social gathering feels complete without a game of rummy. The game is both challenging and fun, and it enthralls people of all ages. Over the years, this card game has become a staple during Diwali and other festivals when there is a gathering of a lot of people. The game is best enjoyed when there are at least 4 to 6 people involved. However, since finding so many people whenever you want to play a round of rummy is not always possible, especially after the COVID pandemic, you can make use of online rummy. Visit MPL rummy and play the game online whenever and wherever you want.

Now, rummy has had a bad reputation for a long time because people thought that this game is about luck. But, that’s nowhere close to the truth. Even the apex court of the country has passed a judgment that puts rummy into the game of skill category. If you’re still on the fence with the whole debate of whether rummy is a game of skill or luck, here are a few reasons that prove you cannot play rummy without skills.

  1. The nature of the rummy game

Rummy is a game of cards that require the players to meld the cards into sets and sequences that makes sense. The sets have to be valid and players don’t know from before what cards will be dealt. The deck is shuffled properly before the cards are dealt.

The only way to win is to meld the cards before the other players. To do that, you have to remember what cards your opponents have picked or discarded. Also, you need to keep a watch at your score and make sure that your score is always less.  Moreover, you must know when to drop your cards so that you do not end up losing with a very high score. So, you are bound by the rules of the game and you cannot break those rules. Without skills, you won’t be able to win against your opponents.

  1. The rules of the game don’t leave much room for luck or chance

As mentioned earlier, skills are required to play and win rummy. Since you are not going to be spinning the wheel or rolling the dice, your luck has very little role to play when you are playing online rummy.

However, there is one thing that you cannot control and that is the dealing of the cards. The cards are shuffled extensively before they are dealt and while they are being dealt, you can call upon your luck to favor. But, there is no guarantee that it will help you much. There have been instances of rummy players winning even after being dealt an odd hand. This proves that luck might help you win one or two games, but in the long run, you need skills to play and win.

  1. Excellent memory skills are required to play rummy

If you do not have a good memory, you will have a slight disadvantage over your opponent players. You have to train your mind and do mental exercises so that your mind is always sharp and has the ability to retain information for a long time. For instance, when you are playing rummy, you have to remember the rules of the game, the current sets or sequences and your score. But, that’s not all. You even have to be aware of the moves of your opponent players. By following their moves, you will get an idea of what your opponents are planning when they are drawing or discarding cards.

  1. A focused mind and analytical skills are a must-have

Once you remember the moves of your opponent players and figure out their plans, you have to keep yourself calm and make use of your analytical skills to change your plans according to how the game changes. An alert mind is crucial to make sudden and quick changes to the game. You cannot play rummy with a single strategy in mind. You need to keep up with how the game progresses and make changes accordingly. For this, it is important that you have a calm, focused mind. You cannot panic and make rash decisions. You’re not going to win if you allow yourself to get stressed easily. For instance, if you have been dealt a very bad hand and after assessing all the different strategies and game plan, you think that you cannot win, you need to immediately get rid of the high-value cards that you are holding on to. This is going to help to minimize your overall loss and keep your score low. The cards that you have to get rid of would largely depend on what your opponents are picking or throwing. Make sure to always stay alert even if your game plan is not working out in your favor.

  1. The cognitive ability to trick your opponents is a coveted rummy skill

Rummy is a game that is all about skills and strategies. You are going to be dealt 13 cards and you need to immediately have multiple strategies going on in your head as to how you can sort them into viable combinations. Rummy is such a game where you cannot just rely on Plan A, but you also need to be quick with your Plan B and C. This is only possible if you have a superior cognitive ability.

Some of the obvious plans that you have to come up with include – how to meld the cards to make valid sequences, how to discard the cards that you don’t need, and how you can create valid sets with the lowest number of moves. Also, you need to come up with a strategy to trick your opponents so that they don’t try to stop your set from being complete.

So, as you can see, luck has nothing to do with winning a game of rummy. You need to have the emotional maturity to accept that your initial strategy isn’t working and how you can come up with a new one within a limited time. In online rummy, there will be a timer for your every move and if you don’t play within that time, you will be losing your chance. Needless to say, online rummy can be quite intense and without the proper skills, you will not be able to beat your opponents.

If you are new to the world of online rummy, you can play a few games with the intention of observing how the other players are playing. You can learn a lot by following others. As you become experienced, you will learn how to win even when you have a bad hand. Now, start playing rummy and stay hooked for hours.

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