7 Curiosities About Player Unknown Battlegrounds (PUBG)

The staff at PUBG Corp. decided to disclose a list of eight curiosities about PUBG, as a way to remind players that the game is available at no additional cost to PS Plus subscribers.

To satisfy the curiosity of the players who recently arrived, and also of the old ones, some interesting facts about this which is the original Battle Royale, from the meaning of the name to the process of creating the game and it’s very unique bond, were separated. Check out:

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1 – What does PUBG mean?

It is quite common to find people who know what PUBG is all about, but have no idea of ​​its meaning. Everything gets even more complicated when you pronounce the entire name: Player Unknown Battlegrounds. However, the meaning is much simpler than it looks.

The game’s creator is called Brendan Greene, who for a long time actively played in the online scene of realistic war games. While playing ARMA 2, US Army and others, his nickname was exactly Player Unknown.

The next time you play a game at PUBG, know that you are having fun on the Player Unknown battlefield.

2 – A Mod of the Mod

Brendan Greene was not active just playing war simulators. He also liked to invent his own rules and then make the maps created available to other players.

In love with DayZ, at the time a zombie survival mod from the game Arma 2, he created, together with a friend, a version of the map with more weapons and ammunition scattered. As players had more access to equipment, zombies became the least of the dangers. The objective then was to fall on the spot, get the best weapons possible in the houses and go hunting each other. Remember PUBG? It’s no coincidence, that’s where the first gameplay ideas for the Battle Royale genre came from.

3 – Many enter, only one leaves

The Battle Royale genre doesn’t have that name for nothing. One of the inspirations for the creation of PUBG and several other games of the genre was the book Battle Royale by author Koushun Takami, which became a worldwide best seller. In this work, several students are placed on an island and only one of them can leave alive.

The book was adapted for various media, from manga to cinema. PUBG even has some references to the film, such as characters’ clothes that can be found in some of the boxes you receive when playing.

4 – Brendan Greene in Brazilian lands?

You may have heard that Brendan Greene lived in our Brazil. Not a legend, he really spent a lot of time here. Before becoming a game developer, he was a DJ and photographer in Ireland, the country where he was born. He met a Brazilian with whom he fell in love and crossed the ocean to get married. The relationship didn’t work out, a divorce took place and he stayed here for another four years.

In an interview with the documentary channel on YouTube, Noclip, Brendan says that he didn’t know Portuguese very much and that is why he didn’t have many friends in Brazil. While saving money to return home, he ended up discovering DayZ and created, still in Varginha, Minas Gerais, his first mod of the Battle Royale genre on Arma 2.

5 – Winner Winner Chicken Dinner!

The rules of the game are simple. One hundred players jump from a plane on an island and must fight to be the last survivor. The winner will see on his screen a phrase that became famous: “Winner Winner Chicken Dinner”, which would have an approximate translation like “the winner receives a chicken dinner”.

This has a meaning. When the great depression of 1929 happened, which broke a good part of the economies of the world, many people became impoverished. Many North Americans resorted to gambling on the streets and used to bet on the dice. When they won, they shouted the exact same phrase, for having guaranteed the money for their chicken dinner.

6 – The little angel Eryn

In PUBG there are several maps, each with its own dynamics and scenery. The first was Erangel, a fictional island near Russia. The name has a very cute meaning. Brendan’s daughter’s name is Eryn and he calls her Angel, which means angel. At the time of coming up with the name of the map, he joined Eryn and Angel to reach Erangel.

This map also has several references to the real world, such as the Chernobyl school, locations in Ukraine and the former Soviet Union. All other maps also have references to the real world.

7 – It is possible to win without killing anyone

The goal of PUBG is to be the last character alive and not the one that killed the most opponents. As the scenario itself is tapering and a deadly gas, which gradually takes the player’s life out of the marked zone, it is possible to win the match without killing anyone.

There is even an achievement for the feat, called Pacifista. You can also unlock it by playing as a team, letting friends do the dirty work and ending up as the last living group, even without killing anyone with your character.

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