7 Underrated Gifts To Surprise Your Partner

re you completely frustrated when it comes to buying a gift for your partner? Are you dating someone who seems to have everything already? Wandering around a shopping center for hours doesn’t always end the way you want it to. At the same time, you’re dying to surprise your partner with a gift that’s perfect for them. Here are seven underrated gift ideas that are guaranteed to make your partner squeal with happiness.

  1.  Pickleball Startup Set

One way to impress your partner is to give them all the equipment they need to play pickleball like a pickleball set. This trending sport is easy to play and requires minimal setup. All you need is a portable net, paddles, and a ball. In fact, if you live near a tennis court, all you have to do is lower the net, and you’re ready to start playing. By picking up quality ProKennex pickleball paddles and some balls, you can spoil your partner and show them that spending time together is your number one priority.

  1.  Art Supplies 

Getting in touch with your inner child is both satisfying and fun, which is why you should consider getting your partner art supplies. You can keep it light and fun by getting some sidewalk chalk and drawing a mural together or you can go a more grown-up route and pick up some adult coloring books.

The great thing about art supplies is that you can bundle a few different items into a package gift, making the present feel more elaborate and thoughtful. If your partner is new to art, stick to classic colored pencils or markers. If you want to spice up a romantic night, purchase some finger paints and plan to get dirty.

  1.  Pre-Booked Getaway

You can’t go wrong when you book a surprise getaway for yourself and your partner. This is a superb gift for someone who works too hard. If you want to rekindle the spark in your relationship, going on an adventure will do the trick. Follow these tips before you make your plans:

  • Choose refundable bookings in case your plans change
  • Book far enough in advance that your partner can take off work
  • Consider your partner’s preferences for climate and environment
  • Avoid popular holidays when your destination may be overcrowded
  • Escape to a nearby location if you or your partner are very busy
  1.  New Coffee Accessories 

For coffee lovers, there’s nothing better than receiving new equipment and a fancy single-origin selection. Add to your partner’s collection of coffee-making supplies by picking up that Aeropress they’ve been eyeing or that stainless steel French press. As a bonus, this is a gift that both of you can enjoy.

  1.  Monthly Book Subscription

If your partner is an avid reader, you can sign them up for a monthly book subscription. There are quite a few services to choose from, and they even give you the option of returning books you aren’t interested in. Your partner will love that you notice their hobbies, and getting new books might be the inspiration they need to take time to relax on the weekends. Pick up a new teacup and some boutique tea to add the perfect extras with this gift.

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  1.  Bar Cart and Cocktail Set

If you and your partner love to host parties, you can surprise them with a classy bar cart and a new set of cocktail glasses. This gift will add an upscale element to your living space and inspire your partner to learn some unique cocktail recipes. Indulge your partner’s sophisticated side by giving them the tools they need to become an at-home mixologist.

  1.  Board Games and Puzzles

For those home-bodies who love a good game night, you can pick up a new board game or puzzle. There are plenty of new, innovative, and fun board games to choose from, and playing together is a great way to get off your phones and spend time remembering why you’re together in the first place.

Use these tips to help alleviate the pressure and stress of shopping for the perfect gift. Then pass this list off to your partner and let yourself enjoy the surprise next time.