8 Awesome Online Games To Try Out

8 Awesome Online Games To Try Out

Gaming has provided a big break for the kids, teens, and the young at heart to pause from all the stress and anxiety and relax for a while. Especially today when we are all facing a pandemic, caring for our mental health by doing enjoyable things is quite important. So gaming has been a fun and stress-relieving group activity for family and friends, and a tranquil one for solo gamers. With this said, we give you an impressive list of best online games that you can alone or with friends!


Guessing games with friends has always been one of the best parlour games. But with the restrictions caused by the pandemic, parties are thrown with such high risks. This is why if you are craving some fun games with friends, check this out. Users would have their turns at drawing and guessing the drawings. Unlike other guessing games, this allows players to have an unlimited number of guesses. There will be hints, too, in the form of dashes. 

  1. The Sims 3

“If you want to project your real-life fantasies, this will be your best choice. Here, you can be rich, be a star, or even be a supernatural entity! If you have been a fan of Sims since its first releases, you will know how extra fun it is when played online with friends! You can also meet strangers from different parts of the globe and have a good time! With an Island Paradise expansion pack, this game allows you to relax and go out for a vacation without ever needing to worry about how much it’ll cost in real life or whether you’ll need a residential construction cost estimator for your dream home! You can ride on boats, visit resorts, or live in a boathouse.”

  1. Werewolf on Telegram

More than just a messaging app, Telegram is also packed with fun and simple games that can spice up your chat box! One of these is this popular game called Werewolf that might just test your friendship! This is a deception game that relies on fun bluffing, lying, telling the truth—just anything depending on your role and your strategy. The Werewolf bot will assign a role for you. Every “night”, the players can look for the Werewolf that has been killing different players.

  1. The Escape Game

If you and your friends are more into mystery games, this online scavenger hunt may be fun for you. This offers a live online adventure for 60 minutes. There are lots of fun themes to choose from. The challenge here is that your team must decipher clues and crack puzzles to complete the mission within 60 minutes. 

  1. Animal Crossing: New Horizons

Animal Crossing has been one game most frequently talked about these days. Played on Nintendo Switch, Animal Crossing: New Horizons offers a refreshing world where you stay on an island with 7 other players with your customized avatars. One island is only provided in one Nintendo Switch, so if you are sharing a console with a friend or a family, you might have to share islands too. Around 4 players can couch co-op. All of you in a couch co-op will help each other catch fish, bugs, gather fruits, and more! You can also visit other islands. Visit Agen Judi Online Now.

  1. Draw Something!

Missing the old Pictionary game? This might be something for you! With friends online, you are going to draw pictures and allow other players to guess it. You can either be the guesser or the drawer. Each player will have their turns. With different brushes and paintings, you can draw a vivid or creative picture that will help guessers decipher the right word. This is accessible on iOS and Android.

  1. Monopoly Online

Monopoly has been one of the well-loved family board games. Why not make it online and digital? This real-estate simulation game allows you to also think like those big business tycoons. The rules of the game are just the same as the board game. As the game goes on, you just need to earn as much money as you can and not go bankrupt. The key here is to purchase as many properties as you can. 

  1. Counterstrike: Global Offensive

Counter Strike truly never goes old. Here, via a first-person point of view, you can play with your friends and play in two teams. The goal is for both groups to eliminate each other. There are also side quests or side missions in the game. This is also a great chance to relieve stress. We all know that shooting games are one way that you can destress and become functional again.

Go online and play!

With this list, we are positive that you now have a game or two that you want to try out. Any game, online or offline, is the most fun with friends. Go try out some of these games now and have fun!

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