A guide for the beginners on 8 Ball Pool break tricks to get a perfect shot.

A guide for the beginners on 8 Ball Pool break tricks to get a perfect shot.

Are you looking for 8-ball pool tricks? Are you looking specifically for 8 ball pool break tricks? If your answer is yes, then you are absolutely in the right place.

We know that an 8 ball pool is quite a tricky and skill-based game. It requires time to settle as you need to polish your skills first and it is possible only when you play 8 ball pool frequently. But you must not lose your confidence after failures as you will step back in low spirits. 

The 8 ball pool is an entertaining game that is played with cue sticks, cue balls and a tabletop. You simply have to pocket all the balls in any corner of the table. There are many types of 8 ball pools and it depends on which game you are playing. If you are playing a call shot game, then you have to call the pocket or mention the pocket in which you are going to shoot. It makes the game both interesting and difficult.

If you are a beginner and want to play it on Getmega, you need some tips and tricks that will help you in winning the game. There are some 8 ball pool break tricks which you can apply mostly in all games so you must understand them deeply.

Break tricks to get a perfect shot.

  • Choose Your Game Mode Before Playing The Game 

If you are a beginner, it becomes difficult to choose the game as you want the thrilling game but thrill games are quite hard and you will end up losing the coins. Thus it is recommended to choose an easy mode in the beginning, then you can shift to the advanced levels. It will polish your skills and make your shooting skills much more accurate. 

The advanced level needs large money as a bet or more coins and it also needs to call the pocket before shooting. But it requires high skill, best cue and quite enough knowledge of ball spins and lastly best angles for shooting. Hence, this is the reason to start with beginner level even if you have an idea of the game but to play the game efficiently and to win the game you need to practice your skills first.

  • Know all 8-Ball Pool Rules

When you are starting to play a specific game, then you should understand and learn all the rules first. It will help you in a better understanding of the game and also the reason why this rule is made. It will help you in winning the game.

  • Ways of Breaking The Triangular Rack

There are multiple ways of breaking the triangular rack. The benefit of breaking the rack is that it will transform the whole game in your favour but it also depends on your skills which are developed after a long practice.

If you are a beginner, then you can hit the ball of the triangle straight on. Use topspin to make your shot more accurate and hit the second end ball by using a full backspin. It will make the cue ball hit the cushion and go back to the rack.

  • Choosing the best Cue Stick 

The most important thing is that you should choose the best cue stick. It is also a skill. Knowing the pros and cons of each type of stick and understanding your skill to choose a cue stick will be beneficial for you. You are allowed to buy a new cue stick or change your cue stick when you go to different levels. These cue sticks are responsible for a better spin, better aim and better force.

But it is suggested that you should not choose your cue stick frequently as after a long time, you become comfortable with your cue stick and you can play better with them. New cue sticks will take time to settle and in that period you will not be able to play the game at your best.

  • Spin Cue Ball

The contact point of the cue stick is to respond to the cue ball spin. The benefit of spin is that it will pocket your ball easily and take your opponent’s ball away from the target.

If the cue ball is pushed at calculated speed with a calculated angle, then the whole game will be in your favour. In this whole process, you must remember that you should not spin the ball in the way that it will pocket the cue ball.


We have provided you with the most important 8 ball pool break tricks to make a perfect shot. However, you can practice these moves by playing online in getmega. Getmega is one of the gaming platforms which will give you a real game experience.  Also, you can earn real cash even by practicing the 8 ball pool game in the Getmega gaming app. Read all the 8 ball pool break tricks that we have mentioned in this article and play the game most effectively.