A Guide on How to Do Digital Marketing: For Beginners

How to do digital marketing

A Guide on How to Do Digital Marketing: For Beginners

How to do digital marketing

Digital Marketing is the promotion of products and services using various digital channels. Digital Marketing has been and will be a competitive industry and you need to stand out. Every brand today has a website and online presence. It is used as a common way to reach customers and make them learn about brands. Online as well as offline businesses offer several digital marketing careers in India.

Digital Marketing is a very exciting industry that allows you to work across several digital channels including PPC, content creation, analytics, social media, SEO, etc. For beginners, it is suggested to take a course to learn digital marketing. And for that take a digital marketing course in Jaipur because you can’t find a better place than this to learn digital marketing. Below are some easy steps to help you in how to do digital marketing:

1.  Digital Marketing Qualification or Certification

A digital marketing certification or qualification will show that you have some level of skills and knowledge regarding the field of work. Make sure to get a valued certification from a well-recognized digital marketing institute. This will help you stand out from others and will help in getting further opportunities in digital marketing.

2. Understanding Digital Marketing Tools

Different fields of work require different skill sets. For example, Data analytics requires knowledge about Google Analytics, email marketing requires MailChimp, SEO requires ahrefs or Semrush, etc. These tools will help in better performance by optimizing and measuring digital marketing campaigns.

3. Build a Network

LinkedIn is a great platform for networking with people in your niche or field. You will be able to ask for advice, some doubts or questions you have, and even about job opportunities if there are any. Look out for the groups that have similar interests that align with yours and build a network with other marketers.

4. Follow Digital Marketing Experts

Learning from experts is one of the very best ways to understand more about your field of work in digital marketing. Try to gain insights and tips from them to be ahead when it comes to trends in your field of work. People like Neil Patel, Larry Kim, and Neal Schaffer, etc are some of the most prominent names in the industry.

5. Keep Up With Trends

Digital Marketing is interesting and exciting because there’s always something new to learn daily. It’s important to know about trends & developments in a particular industry to stay ahead and stand out. Experts in the fields, podcasts, newsletters, etc are some of the many ways that you can take advantage of keeping up with the daily trends taking place in the world of digital marketing.

6. AI Marketing Expertise

Having knowledge and expertise in the rapidly expanding area of artificial intelligence can make you stand out as a top candidate for any job. Companies are integrating AI into their business applications and products for better customer experience. AI’s like ChatGPT, Midjourney, etc are very helpful in this ever-evolving field.

7. Get an Internship for Practical Skills

The best way to do all of this mentioned above is to gain experience by working on real projects. Join an internship at a company or at an agency where you could learn to implement what you’ve learned. Practical implementation of skills will help you master skills and get you ready for the industry.

Careers in Digital Marketing

Some of the career options in digital marketing right now in today’s world are:

  • SEO (Search Engine Optimisation)
  • Digital Marketing Manager
  • PPC Specialist
  • Social Media Marketer
  • Email Marketer
  • E-commerce Specialist
  • Content Writer and Strategist

Different jobs require different skill sets and doing them will help you learn on the job. The more you work, the simpler it will be to move up in your career. We talked about how to do digital marketing, below are some reasons as to why you should do digital marketing.

Reasons to Become a Digital Marketer

Digital Marketing offers great career opportunities and is always changing, making it exciting as well as interesting because there are always new things to learn. Below are some of the best reasons to learn digital marketing:

1. High Demand for Digital Skills

Industries need people who have specialized skills in various aspects of digital marketing. A survey showed that there aren’t enough experts in fields like data analysis, digital marketing user experience, etc. Companies want to hire proficient people who have specialization in such skills.

2. Lucrative Salary Opportunities

The world of Digital Marketing offers competitive salaries. Skilled digital marketers are one of the highest-paid people in the industry. High demand and low availability of skilled digital marketers have rapidly raised the pay scale of proficient digital marketers.

3. Flexibility of Working

Remote working, freelancing, and consulting are way too common in the area of digital marketing. You do not need to worry about working from a certain place, instead all you need is a laptop and internet. Work-from-home opportunities make it easy to work even if you’re at a distance. 

4. Key to Business Growth

Digital Marketing, for some time now, has served as the main channel used by businesses to connect and engage with customers. Businesses need to establish and maintain a good online presence, which can only be done by proficient digital marketers. Businesses pay good to skilled digital marketers as it’s vital for their business growth.


In conclusion, diving into this world can open doors to exciting career opportunities. By getting certified from a reputed institute like Quibus Trainings, understanding essential tools, building a network, learning from experts, staying updated on trends, embracing AI, and gaining practical experience through internships, you can position yourself for success. Digital marketing careers, from SEO to content writing, offer diverse paths for growth. The field is in high demand, with lucrative salaries and flexible work options. So, if you enjoy learning and want a dynamic career, this might be the perfect fit for you! Hope this blog clears your concepts on how to do digital marketing.