How to get the best build for your guns

Escape From Tarkov challenges a player’s skills and their use of resources such as Weapon Mods. These Escape From Tarkov items increase the strength and efficiency of weapons, upgrading them in various ways. Here is all you need to know about these mods and how you can build up your dream guns.

What Are Mods?

Mods are items you can get from raids or trading. Depending on their type, they can be slotted into weapons for various effects. The mods affect your gun in a few different ways.

Accuracy – Controls the spread of bullets. With high precision, the gun hits where you’re aiming at with minor deviation. Bullet drop past a gun’s effective range still applies.

Ergonomics – refers to the handling of the weapon. High ergonomics mean you do weapon-related actions such as reloading, ADS, and switching between them faster.

Muzzle Velocity – Relates with accuracy. A gun with high muzzle velocity means its shots are faster and more accurate.

Sighting Range – Influences how far you can zoom when aiming down sights (ADS).

Recoil – It’s how guns compensate for all the energy of shooting a bullet. High recoil means the weapon will bounce harder when you pull the trigger, making your next shot(s) less accurate. It’s more pronounced in rapid-fire or high-caliber ones.

There are also three types of mods:

Vital Parts – As its name suggests, the weapon won’t function without these. This category includes barrels, slides, receivers, grips, and similar items. Since they’re essential parts, they don’t influence the above stats much.

Functional Mods – These mods improve a weapon’s function in some way. These mods affect ergonomics and accuracy more often than not. The category includes sights (laser or iron), mounted flashlights, and muzzle devices.

Gear Mods – Anything that isn’t included in the above is this one. These range from mounts and under-muzzle grenade launchers to charging handles, magazines, and other mods. Its variety means that these mods have all kinds of effects. Be sure to read up on a gear mod’s effects!

Mods don’t always add to a stat; it sometimes reduces it. In the case of recoil, you’ll want it as low as possible for more accurate shots. You’ll also frequently choose between ergonomics and some other weapon stat.

If you’re adding more and more mods to the weapon, you’re adding to its complexity. Since ergonomics relates to handling, it makes sense that adding more and more mods reduces it. The gun gets heavier, and you’re almost juggling so many mechanical bits. You’ll have to choose the mods carefully you add to your weapons.

Compatibility and Building

These mods aren’t a one-size-fits-all type. They’re all only compatible with a few guns or gun types. For example, you can’t put a sniper scope on a submachine gun. However, you can put a sniper scope on various sniper rifles or similar ones.

When building a gun, you should check out all the mods compatible with that gun. From there, choose which ones you’re going to use. Different players have different preferences. That means only you can know what feels best to use.

Some might want low recoil on their SMGs, while others manage the high recoil by shooting in short bursts. Other players would love extended magazines for their guns. Simple iron sights could be better than lasers or scopes. It all depends on how you play or what you want your weapon to be.

There are guides out there that tell you how to build a specific version of the weapon. The problem is that those usually have high costs or use rare mods. It can be challenging to achieve these builds with how raids can go to the extreme.

Budget builds also exist, which are better for a more casual player. However, something about a personally customized gun feels good to use. Following a guide won’t give that feeling, but it is a convenient way to get stronger.

There’s also the problem of losing your personalized gun, so always remember that you can lose these guns. They’ll also be wiped eventually, as it is a regular thing in EFT.


Having a good weapon can boost the progression speed of your Escape From Tarkov account. Along with that comes increased chances of surviving raids and firefights. There’s no reason to not use these Escape From Tarkov items and boost your fighting capability. With the raiders prowling the Factory and Tagilla joining his brother Killa in Interchange, you’ll need all the firepower.

Good luck in your raids and escape from Tarkov!

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