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Adding Page Numbers To Your PDF Files: The Easiest and Quickest Way With PDFBear

Adding page numbers to your PDF documents may take time when you do it manually in MS Word or any DOC type of format. This would be demanding on your part, especially when you have a lot of work to do. Page numbers are vital for your documents, magazines, etc. may it be for work, business, school, or personal. Luckily for you, there is PDFBear to help you out. PDFbear is an online platform that offers tools for your PDF documents. These tools are essential for you to make your work efficient at any given time. With only a few clicks, your PDF documents will be ready in no time. In this article, we will show you how to add page numbers to your documents.

Adding Page Numbers

When you use PDFBear in adding page numbers to your PDF files, it would only take minutes to get the job done. With PDFBear, you are able to customize the font style, size, and position of the page numbers. With the help of PDFBear, your documents will look more professional and presentable. Also, your documents would be more organized and easy to track. To add page numbers to PDF files with PDFBear, all you have to do is upload the PDF file into their system, they will scan your document, and page numbers will be added after you customize the typography, size, and the position, you may also declare the first page as the cover page to avoid adding page number to it. Once everything is done, you only have to click “Number pages,” then it will be available for download.

Other Essential PDFBear’s Tools

In case you need more for your PDF files, there are many tools that are essential for your documents that PDFBear offers. You can convert, merge, split, lock or unlock your PDF files, add watermark, add e-signature, compress, repair, and many more. These tools are very helpful, and you can utilize them anytime for free. The conversion tools come in two ways; you can convert PDF to or from Word, Excel, PPT,JPG, PNG, HTML, PDF/A, depending on the necessity and the format. When converting from PDF, your files can be easily customized and edited out by you since it is on their respective format. At the same time, converting your documents to PDF files will make your documents easier to view and more secure from being manipulated by others when you share them. The merging tool combines two or more documents into a single PDF file. Making it more organized and would save your device more storage space. On the other hand, the Splitting tool divides your PDF files into two or separates a specific file into a single PDF document. By doing so, sending and sharing files with others will be more specific. PDFBear also has a locking tool to protect your PDF files by giving them a password of your choice. These passwords are encrypted to your files and will be needed every time you open them, making them secure from unauthorized access. Then, there is an unlock tool to decrypt the password from your documents, making them easier to view and open without giving them a password every time. Both have their own advantages depending on your needs.


PDFBear is one of the best online platforms available. PDFBear tools are free to utilize and accessible by anyone. You may use it on any devices such as your smartphones, tablets, desktops, and laptops. PDFBear supports all major Operating Systems, including Windows, iOS, macOS, and even Linux. They also have an Optical Character Recognition or OCR that supports seventeen different languages.
Just with a stable internet on your device, you can access PDFBear’s tools any time without needing to download any software, unlike any other platform that offers tools for your PDF files. Also, as you can tell, the platform is very user-friendly; everyone can make use of PDFBear, even the least tech-savvy person can do the job by only following the easy instruction given each task. You may also subscribe to PDFBear’s Pro membership to have unlimited task conversions, a number of files per task, have large file size for your task, unlimited storage life for uploaded and converted tasks, the advantage of having faster upload speed per task. And you will have the utmost priority for their technical and customer support. With this, working with your PDF files would be fast and efficient.

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