Anti-blue light protection for gamers

Anti-blue light protection for gamers

Are you a pro gamer? Are you professional or just having a good time playing games? How much sleep do you get in a day if you play all night? Does your eyesight get affected by looking at the screen for prolonged hours? 

These are a few definite questions that the gamers society faces on a daily basis. Many of us do not even know that games are even being played as a profession. We would like to inform you that we absolutely respect the gamer’s society and we are here in appreciation of every move. But there are a few issues that do concern the gamers and should be given due importance just as your games. You can even buy eyeglasses online

Health concerns for gamers

There are several issues that concern health in every profession, same goes with gaming. You spend most of your time in front of the screen playing and one of the most actively used muscles in your eyes. Your eyes only rest while sleeping and when one misses their sleep time your eyes will not get the required amount of sleep it needs. That’s the reason that most of us feel our eyes are heavy and irritating.

So one must give an ample amount of rest for their eyes, apart from that another issue that is widely faced by the gamers community regarding the blue light effect. 

While spending prolonged hours in front of the screen, a person is very much exposed to blue light and gamers tend to use a multiple screen setting to play games at a big scale and that too at multiple levels. 

Why are the effects of blue light harmful?

Blue light is nothing rocket science, but they are part of our visible light spectrum, which is usually associated with memory boosting and increased attention span. There are both natural and artificial sources that emit blue light, the natural source being none other than the sun and artificial sources are the digital screens and LED lights. 

Sun is the biggest source of blue light but you do not spend your time outside while you spend your time indoors in front of these screens. So for you, the biggest source for blue light is the digital screens you are looking at and that too in prolonged hours. 

Did you know that these glasses were capable of altering your sleep cycle? 

The majority of people who work via digital medium have complained about excessive eye strain and fatigue and also experience major and minor headaches as well. And one additional issue is the excessive dryness of the eyes. The eye and the area around it feel irritated and itchy. 

Such issues usually tend to be ignored but gamers might make sure to be very specific about their eye health if they want to keep playing continuously. 

How to combat such a situation?

One best method for gamers is to switch to gaming glasses or gaming glosses. The very first question pops is, what is the difference or the specialty with the glasses?

These gaming glasses are covered with an anti-blue light coating, which helps in effectively blocking the blue lights from reaching the eyes from the screen. What could be a perfect pick for the gamers is that these glasses provide the ultimate protection ever. 

What are the advantages? 

The best advantage is that it blocks blue light and provides much-required relief from constant headaches and fatigue. This automatically helps in improving the productivity of a person as all these negatives are removed. 

For your dry situation, you just have to remember to blink your eyes, or else you could consult a specialist as well for the current situation and could use some lubricant to help the eye movement. 

What happens to your sleep? Excessive playing on your digital screen is making you skip your sleep as these lights affect the circadian rhythm. So one must highly consider avoiding using these screens at night and if it’s an emergency situation then just switch to night mode and wear gaming glasses 

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