Are Mind Controlled Games the Future of Gaming?

Are Mind Controlled Games the Future of Gaming?

The tech companies are busy producing products that make us feel like a part of the virtual world. For instance, we have come so far with VR technology that we can literally jump into a suit and become part of the game ourselves. These VR thingies are even used to draw random pokemon and other stuff just by moving our hands in the air. 

These high tech suits take into account everything from feet movement to crouching, essentially transforming our bodies into human controllers. But with the exceeding overlap of technology onto the gaming industry, we can see some mind boggling gadgets that lets you control the game using only your thoughts!

I am talking about mind control devices and recently, there’s been a lot of talk about Next Mind’s new mind control device that actually lets you experience mind control in gaming and not only just video games but you can control things like your TV, just with your thoughts.

 But how does it actually work?

The Next Mind is a small head gear that analyses brain impulses from the visual cortex. When you look at an image on a screen, your eyes send the image to the visual cortex, which creates electromagnetic impulses that are read and decoded by the next mental sensor. After the signal has been read, the gadget communicates it to the computer in real time. In turn, the computer allows you to operate programmes entirely with your thoughts, such as clicking buttons or moving items around on the screen.

How accurate is that?

As far as the accuracy of the device is concerned, it depends on various factors but if everything goes well and the user manages to focus, the device does a pretty good job. There is also a demo game that you can play with this device and by the looks of it, it does a great job. 

However, there is and always will be some room for improvement but I personally think we are still far away from the day when devices like these would be used in video games and that is for a number of reasons. Video games require you to act swiftly and with something like this, it might take a while before you get your concentration right. But you can’t afford that much time in games like Valorant, where all your random teammates are relying on you for the win.

But it still opens us up to a ton of new ideas, for now I would love to have one of these devices to switch off the lights right off I go to bed, without actually having to switch off the lights, that would do for me.

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