Avalanche’s First AAA Metaverse Game Is Coming | Imperium Empires

The last 5 years are periods where NFT games boomed and took mainstream gaming. Games like Axie Infinity, The Sandbox, and Mobox rose to fame and are continuously growing. However, more and more projects are proving to be good competitors with their innovative features. This is what Avalanche is up to.

Since the inception of blockchain technology and its incorporation into the gaming industry, Avalanche rose to be a front runner in the field. Avalanche’s year this 2022 seems to be getting brighter with the newest addition to their pool of projects— Imperium Empires.

Imperium Empires is Avalanche’s first-ever AAA metaverse game that offers promising developments in GameFi. The creators of the game aim to address common GameFi problems that prevent users from having a quality experience. Here are some that highlights that they want to change:

  1. Low-quality graphics and limited gameplay – this affects the quality of users’ gaming experience which makes gaming less enjoyable. With an AAA-quality metaverse, players can enjoy a high-quality experience made by Imperium Empire’s in-house developers and design team.
  1. Hyperinflationary and unsustainable tokenomics – since most games don’t have NFT burn mechanisms, play-to-earn rewards run out fast as more players join the game. Imperium Empires has designed a way to make NFTs sustainable by embedding a unique NFT burn mechanism. This smoothens the NFT supply as the number of players grows.
  1. Lack of deep DeFi integration – most GameFi projects offer very limited DeFi use for their players except for simple staking. Imperium Empires aims to connect 3 billion+ gamers worldwide to DeFi through DeFi protocols outlined on the Avalanche ecosystem.
  1. Lack of guild-based gameplay – Imperium Empires believed that gaming should be a social experience. This means that bonding and working as a team with other players improve the quality of the gaming experience. Team-to-earn is one of the aspects Imperium Empires pioneered and is centered on so different players can interact better in guilds.

Imperium Empires will commence this year as a team of highly experienced experts leads its release. With an AMA session with Avalaunch, Imperium Empires CEO, Cliff Yung shared, 

“We currently have a team of 40, including an experienced in-house game development team led by our lead game developer and art director — he has 12+ years game development experience, having led the development of 8 games across PC/mobile/console with 7m+ total players.” 

This only makes Imperium Empires worth waiting for with all the promising details and impressive team working on it. On top of that, Imperium Empires is also backed by big names tied with games like My Neighbor Alice and Monster Hunter: World.

Imperium Empires is a third-person RTS game that lets you choose between PVE, PVP, and other types of economic activities. You can play with a wide array of selections for items and goods from buying NFTs as you play. Spaceships, Lands, and Guilds are some of the things you can enjoy very soon.

You can check out Imperium Empire’s official website, as well as their Twitter, and Facebook accounts for more information.

See you soon in the metaverse!