Aviator Game RTP in India

Aviator Game RTP in India

About Gambling in India

When it comes to India, it’s safe to say that gambling in India is really popular. Each person has his own reasons to gamble. Some people play casino games to have fun, others – to win money, and some people enjoy casino games simply to find new friends. 

Of course, when playing casino games, it would definitely be great to win some money from it. If you are new to casinos, you may have a hard time picking the game that is most suitable for you. The experts at recommend you Aviator because this game is really simple and intuitive and its RTP is really high.

What is RTP?

Before telling you about the RTP of Aviator games in India, we would like to explain the overall concept of RTP itself. 

So, RTP, or Return to Player, is a long-term percentage of wagered money that you get back from the casino in the form of wins. It essentially tells you how much of your bets you can expect to get back from the casino when playing a specific game. 

Imagine a game of coin toss. If the coin lands on heads, you win INR 100, and if the coin lands on tails, you will lose INR 200. You bet INR 200 and flip a coin. If you win, you get back your INR 200 and additional INR 100, which is INR 300 in total. In other words, you play INR 200 for 50% chance to win INR 300. You end up with INR 150 on average, which is 75% out of the wagered INR 100. These 75% is the RTP of this game, which means in the long run, you will get 75% of each of your bet. 

What is the RTP of Aviator Game?

Now that you know what the RTP is, we would like to tell you about the RTP of Aviator games. Depending on the online bookie you choose for playing Aviator, the RTP will vary, of course. However, unlike in other games, at any online bookie, the RTP of Aviator does not drop lower than 97%. This means that you will get 97% of each of your bet in the long run while playing Aviator games in India.

How to Play Aviator

You may probably wonder “If the RTP of Aviator is so great, how do I play the game?”. And that’s a fair question that we would like to answer to you by explaining the game itself.

As we have previously mentioned, Aviator is a game that is greatly suitable for new players due to its simplicity. Once you open the Aviator game, you will instantly be presented with a field, where you will see a graph and a plane. Once the game starts, the plane will start rising, and in each round, the plane will crash at different times. Of course, the higher the plane gets – the better your winnings will be, since the plane represents your odds. But, bear in mind that the plane can drop on 0.00x odds, as well as get as high as 250x the odds.

In order to play the game itself, all you will need to do is to open the game, which is usually located on the main page of any online bookie, and click on the column with a bet amount. Then, simply enter the amount you wish to bet, and confirm it. The plane will start getting higher and higher, and your goal is to press “Stop” when the odds satisfy you before the plane crashes.