Be The Winner By Knowing Right Sequence In Rummy 


Online Rummy games have exploded in popularity among online users, and millions of individuals are enjoying these online. It is a virtual scratch card game involving two rounds. It is a 2 to 6-person game incorporating a standard deck of playing cards. The rules of the game are moderately simple and easy to comprehend. It is a skill-based game for all and not just a matter of chance or luck. Each person participating in a game is dealt13 cards. The goal of the game is to arrange the sequences and sets together so that the corresponding figure is correct. When the sequences and sets are complete, the player in question is declared the winner. Knowing the right sequence can help you win the round. How? Let’s find out here. 

What are the rummy sequences?

A rummy sequence is basically a certain combination of cards that belongs to the common suit. It is crucial that you learn the function of sequences in a game.

The types of sequences

There are 2 varieties of sequences in rummy:

  • Pure sequence 
  • Impure sequence

Pure Sequence

A collection of 3 or more consecutive cards of common suit can be considered pure sequence. However, wild joker is used here to complete a series of these if there is a wild joker in the initial value and it does not require a replacement for any specific card to complete the sequence. For a valid declaration in rummy, a pure sequence is required. The declaration of your cards without any pure sequence would result in an invalid declaration and a penalty score of 80 on you.

Impure Sequence

In impure sequence, Joker card is used as a replacement for 3 or more cards (consecutive) that form a set. Both wild jokers and printed jokers are used in this situation to form an impure sequence.

Use of Jokers in Pure Sequence

To play a pure sequence game, you need three consecutive cards of worth that are exactly the common suit. In pure sequence, wild jokers are used if only the combination of suits and values remains the same, but they’re only permitted when the game began in the same suit as the other cards in the sequence. They may not be used as replacements for the other cards.

Use of Jokers in Impure sequences

In some situations when you have two cards of the same suit, say 8 and 10. Then, you pick up and use a printed joker (PJ) on the coming turn. This PJ can be used as a replacement for that missing card – 9. The impure sequence that is formed using Joker will look like  8-PJ-10.

In order to use wild joker, if you have three, five, and six (blank) in your hand. On the next turn, you select K, which is a wild joker. Then, you can use the joker here as a replacement for the missing card which is four. The impure sequence that is using a wild joker may look like – three-K (WJ)-5 -6.

Rummy sequences rules

As per the rummy game rules, at least 2 sequences are necessary for a legit statement. Out of these two sequences, exactly one has to be a pure sequence. At least three cards are required to make a sequence (or a set) in rummy. If you declare your card without a pure sequence, it becomes an invalid declaration and you receive 80 points as penalty.

Make sure that you have a pure sequence before determining that you have at least 1 variable declaration. We permit any sequence including at least 1 pure sequence to be declared but enable sequences or sets to be created with the remainder of the cards. Creating sets with the remaining cards is not compulsory. You can do it on an alternative basis. 

How to create more pure sequences

Rummy rules require you to create at least one natural or pure sequence for a valid declaration. You can also get multiple natural sequences that depend on the cards you get. Having such cards, You can arrange all the cards also in natural sequences.

The value of sequence in rummy

By playing rummy, you’re assigned negative points. So, if you get a valid declaration before your adversary, your scorecard will be zero. There must be at least 2 sequences in your hand for a valid declaration. Then, some impure sets and sequences can be formed with the remaining combinations. The remaining combinations can be pure impure sequences and sets.

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