Best MOBAs To Try Out

Multiplayer online battle arena or MOBA, as it is generally known has come a long way from its early conception of being a separate mod from the first StarCraft game into a formidable separate game genre. One could argue that MOBAs are the reason eSports managed to garner worldwide recognition today.

You take out enemy objectives that consist of defense towers and buildings and take down the final building to win the game. It gets trickier as you’ll try to farm the creeps and kill your opponents to gain currency to buy items. Different heroes interact differently with other heroes, so there’s a lot of strategic planning.

There’s timing, item loadouts, roles, and lanes to figure out. We’re going to list a couple of MOBAs for you to look out for and maybe give them a try. Let’s jump in!

Marvel Super War ( Mobile)

I mean, it’s bound to happen in time. Marvel in a MOBA format? Sign me up! The game is similar to any MOBA. You have lanes, creeps, and objectives. The game features many Marvel elements. From hero selections to hero move sets, you’ll definitely get a callback moment when playing any of the heroes.

Seeing SpiderMan cooperating with Loki to take down Magneto is definitely interesting. The game is easier to pick up than your traditional MOBA mobile, and seeing well-known Marvel heroes battling together would definitely tickle your nostalgia muscle.

You can get your favorite Marvel hero in their Avengers movie skin too. All you need to do is buy Pudding Pay here, and you’re good to go! Get 5 of your friends and assemble The Avengers!

Dota 2

If you’ve never heard of Dota at this point, you’ve been living under a rock, my friend. Dota 2 is one of the biggest MOBAs that has ever spawned into existence. One of the unique advantages it has is the multiple iterations it went through from its earlier inception.

Dota 1 was already a popular MOBA but it had more of an underground fanbase. And with the addition of new mechanics, as well as a refreshed design, Dota 2 came in bursting into the scene and has established a dominating position in the market.

The last international tournament for Dota 2 had a collective pot of $34 million dollars. Dota 2 includes various interesting heroes and an ever-changing balance with the introduction of items, heroes, and game mechanics. It’s safe to say that Valve’s willingness to try new things has propelled the MOBA into becoming one of the greats.

League of Legends

League of Legends is another interesting MOBA that has its own following around the world. It follows the same principles of a typical MOBA but of course, with twists of its own. League of Legends or LOL features a more cartoonish look that could be an appealing aesthetic for some.

It also integrates many steampunk elements into some of its characters, which I think is quite unique to LOL. League of Legends also features interesting side lore if you’re interested in delving deeper into the world. League of Legends is much easier to pick up than Dota 2 and its tutorial is much more comprehensive.

Onmyoji Arena (Mobile)

Now here’s a MOBA that has a very niche style to it. Onmyoji Arena is a MOBA that borrows its aesthetic from Kyoto in the Heian era. So expect a Japanese vibe to the game. Not that I’m complaining!

The game features interesting characters from the era, and of course, includes supernatural characters just to spice up the roster. Although the game mechanics are similar to any other MOBA, you’ll quickly notice the more smoother 3D route that the game went for when rendering its characters and surroundings. This gives the characters’ attacks and skills more oomph when executed.

You could also play characters from famous Japanese anime from time to time. You could play as Kuchiki Rukia from Bleach in the game. If you’re into Japanese games and looking to get a chance to play your favorite anime character, then you might want to start playing this game. At one point, they even had Tanjiro and Nezuko from Demon Slayer!




Here’s another fresh take to the otherwise standard MOBA gameplay. Paladins is the world’s first MOBA that incorporates FPS mechanics. So instead of the standard top view, you get to experience the game from your character’s eyes. It resembles Overwatch more than your traditional MOBA format out there.

However, there’s tons of fun to be had. Currently, it features 4 different modes: Siege, Onslaught, Team Deathmatch, and of course for those of you who want to really test your skills, Ranked. Another differentiating factor is the ability to equip cards that offers a boost to the character’s existing abilities and base stats.

Overall, it’s a totally new experience that might be jarring for MOBA players. But rest assured, once you get used to it, the level of immersion will keep you hooked for hours!

Mobile Legends: Bang Bang (Mobile)

And finally, we’re including the MOBA mobile game that has seen a meteoric rise recently. The game is basically League of Legends but condensed to fit into the limits of mobile gaming. The overall aesthetics closely resembles that of LOL, but of course with a bit of its own twist. The twist here comes in the form of its unique characters that it offers as champions.

 Mobile Legends is also known to include characters based on folklore that exists in Asia and has used it to further deepen its ties with its player base, especially in SouthEast Asia. It also showcases a couple of King of Fighter skins that feature popular characters such as Iori Kagami. And don’t worry, they’ve also added his special skills and voice to pair with the skin so you get the full package!

To Conclude

Well, there you have it! A list of some of the best MOBAs for you to try out or dabble in if you’re new to the genre. These are guaranteed to give you some fun and excitement as you go about your day. Pop in the comments below and let us know what MOBAs you enjoy or are looking forward to playing! We always love to hear from you.

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