Best Speakers for PC in 2021: Best Bluetooth Speakers under 10000

Best Speakers for PC in 2021: Best Bluetooth Speakers under 10000

 If you are a gamer, a movie buff or a music enthusiast, most likely you will advocate for a headset over a PC speaker. Please hear us out, most PC speakers available in India can deliver the same level of immersive experience that you get from a headset, without causing any damage to your hearing organs.


Having said that, there are a variety of choices available in the market, some might fit within your set budget, while the others might not. Only a quality speaker can bring those music, movies, and games to life. Moreover, a portable speakerphone like poly sync 20 will be useful for work as much as it will be useful, for your leisure. We have compiled a list comprising the best 6 Bluetooth speakers available in India under Rs. 10,000. Dive in! to know more.

6 Best Bluetooth Speakers for PC under 10,000

1. Poly Sync 20

Poly Sync 20 speakerphone is a USB/Bluetooth enabled device, offering a remarkable audio experience during meetings and movies. The slim and portable gadget offers 20 hours of battery life, enabling users to carry on with their activities throughout the day. Zoom certified Poly Sync 20 India flaunts a multi-microphone steerable array teamed with high-performing speakers, helping out both parties involved in a call to focus on what is being said. A programmable button helps users get access to controls like play/pause, redial, etc. at their fingertips. They can also monitor the status of a particular call even from a distance with the highly visible light bar present within the same. There are multiple variants available in the market,  polysync 20 USB-A speakerphone, Poly Sync 20 USB-C speakerphone etc.

2.Sony SRS XB 30

Sony SRS XB 30 is a part of Sony’s Extra Bass lineup and produces loud and mostly clear sound transmission. The Bluetooth speaker offers quite an impressive battery life of 24 hours. The device is splash-proof by nature, so you can carry it around pools without worrying about potential damage.

3.Ultimate Ears Boom 2

The Ultimate Ears Boom 2 is a premium speaker from Ultimate Ears that offers 15 hours of playback time. The device flaunts a 360-degree sound technology which is suitable for small to medium sized rooms. Users can even enjoy loud music while they are outdoors, using the same. Ultimate Ears Boom 2 flaunts a robust build, making it convenient and safe for users to carry around as per their convenience. Further, an IPX7 water resistance rating teamed with a 3.5mm aux-in port, facilitates wired usage.


LG XBOOM GO PK3, offers decent audio quality teamed with a fine bass response and clear vocals, besides offering adequate support for high-quality aptX codec. With the IPX7 water resistance rating, it claims to survive immersion up to one meter of water, for a maximum of 30 minutes. The speaker also supports multi-point connectivity, allowing users to play music from two devices in a simultaneous manner.


JBL FLIP 5 boasts a solid built, and strong sound output. The IPX7 splashproof rated device offers 12 hours of battery life and voice assistant support as well. 20W speaker embedded within the gadget, assures punchy bass and clear mids and highs without distorting the sound at the highest volume level.

6.Harman Kardon Allure

The Harman Kardon Allure is a compact yet powerful speaker, featuring in-built integrations with Amazon Alexa. The speaker rightfully claims to fill a room with 360-degree sound, featuring strong bass, besides comparatively clean mids and highs. Further, with this speaker, users get access to microphone call support and a playtime of 10 hours.

Final Takeaway

Therefore, with so many choices available, you will be well advised to enhance your digital life by investing in a speaker for your PC. If you want to get the most out of the multimedia experiences, consider getting one of the above-mentioned options as an integral part of your PC, just like a graphics card or monitor. And if you are someone who is looking for a speakerphone for both personal and work use, we would strongly recommend getting Poly Sync 20 speakerphone which is designed especially for today’s busy professionals. With full-duplex audio and microphone pickup range of up to 7 feet, the smart speakerphone is compatible with both Mac and Windows PC.  Poly Sync 20 price in India is also unbelievably affordable. If you go by any Poly Sync 20 review, you will be sure that the particular, is the best Bluetooth speaker available under 10,000 bucks.

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