WhatsApp has limited features. Does that bother you? There are times when you need privacy that isn’t provided by official WhatsApp. Interested in hiding blue ticks & showing offline or hiding a person’s blue ticks?

You may want to consider a private company like GB WhatsApp, which provides many privacy features and other features. Today we will talk about Best Whatsapp Mod Apps to use in 2022 which help you to save your privacy and provides features.

You can integrate standard WhatsApp features with advanced features via these WhatsApp mod apps. Overall, the experience is considerably enhanced. Let’s get started.

Best WhatsApp mod apps:

When you search for WhatsApp mod apps on the internet, you will find that there are a lot of sites that provide them. However, not all mods are suitable for use. Listed below are some WhatsApp mod apps that are easy to use and secure. Below we have listed some WhatsApp mods you can use in order to change the atmosphere of your chats.

GB Whatsapp:

You can say that GB WhatsApp is best after WhatsApp. Because GB WhatsApp is secure, clean, and also follow the WhatsApp terms and condition. In Gb WhatsApp, you can customize complete chat, themes, and privacy. Different themes are all available for privacy.

E.g: You can use signal light for sending messages to other people. You can add a background picture or background color on the chat screen.

There is also an anti-ban feature offered by GB Whatsapp, which prevents Whatsapp from banning GB Whatsapp users.


  • You can lock your Gb Whatsapp
  • Easy to hide status
  • Hid last seen
  • Hide seen message
  • Anti-Ban protection
  • After reply show blue tick
  • Easily share images, audio, video, and files
  • Easy to delete messages and call history.

OG Whatsapp:

Whatsapp OG is your best option if you are looking for something unique, clean, and simple. What’s unique about OG WhatsApp is that you can delete a message up to 3 hours after receiving it.

OGWA helps you to use many WhatsApp with different numbers at the same time on the same smartphone.  You can send large files, customize the text, and much more by using this mod.

OG Whatsapp develops by Team XDA in 2013. After some time other private companies launch the new version of OG WhatsApp. Downloading OGWA requires meeting certain requirements.


  • Calls without saving numbers
  • No ban issue
  • Easy to hide messages, last seen, status, and much more
  • Easy to set long group name
  • Easy to copy other status
  • You can send up to 90 images at a time

Is WhatsApp mod apps are safe?

Whatsapp blocks your number at any time without giving you a reason, so we cannot say that these mod apps are safe.

What are the reasons we should use these mods?

There are serval reasons to use these WhatsApp mod apps. With the listed whatsapp mod, you can customize, unlock your privacy, and get more features.


We hope that you get your best WhatsApp mod apps to use in 2022.  It is legal to use these mods, they can be customized, and your privacy is protected. You can download your favorite whatsapp mod app now.