Biggest Upsets In Sports Betting History That Shocked The World And Left The Bettors With No Words

The biggest upsets happened in sports betting Singapore history when “Goliath beat David” in their game. Well, every bettor has one or the other favorite team. They want their favorite team to win when placing a bet. There are NFL Championships, UFC Championships, Cricket Events, Table Tennis tournaments, Boxing tournaments, etc.

We all think about our favorite teams but not about the underdogs. There are instances when they have taken over the championships in the past matches. It is seen that the sports betting global market is already growing at a CAGR of 8.2%. The forecast period of this percentage growth is stated to be between 2023 and 2027. The sports betting market will grow to $135.95 billion by 2027.

It shows how big the betting market is, and sudden turn-on events can shock the world within a blink of an eye.

Let’s dig into some of the biggest upsets of sports betting history without wasting time.

Sports Betting Biggest Upsets You Must Know

1. Leicester City Winning The Premier League

Sports betting history saw the biggest defeat against the popular team Chelsea. The opponent team’ Leicester City Foxes’ were on the last of the soccer gaming charts during the years 2014 and 2015. They became a winner in the 2015-2016 Premier League Championship.

Chelsea opened the match betting odds as a +160 betting favorite. Leicester was ranked 13th on the dashboard with odds of +500000. The hardcore fans of the favorites wagered even $2 on the ticket to get to the riches, making around $10,000 or so. Who knew the tables might turn?

During 2014-15, Leicester, an underdog, somehow avoided relegation from Premier League by winning 7 out of 9 matches. They finished in 14th place. This rough campaign made the former manager of Chelsea, Claudio Ranieri take over the Foxes team. This made Leicester emerge at the top of the Premier League table as Jamie Vardy had 13 goals in the straight 11 matches. Foxes were still rated at a 5.41% probability of winning the matches during their latest campaign.

On May 2, 2016, the upset came in the history of sports betting, with Leicester City Foxes winning the Premier League and cashing at 5000:1. 87:1 was in February, but May turned the tables. Every dog has its day!

2. Holly Holm (+830) v/s Ronda Rousey (-1400)

MMA is one of the most unpredictable sports betting fortes. However, unpredictability is what makes MMA exciting and wonderful. This happened during the match of Holm v/s Rousey. Though, it proved lucky for a few bettors.

Holm was a nightmare for Rousey, and her winning the match was never on the cards. The dominance Rousey showed in her previous fights made the fans believe she would breeze through Holm. Being a newcomer, bettors were not sure about Rousey.

The tables turned when the Preacher’s Daughter scored through the mother of all knockouts, making Ronda Rousey the 2nd Bantamweight Champion. It was an upset in MMA sports betting history but the craziest moment.

3. Buster Douglas v/s Mike Tyson (+4200)

Odds for this 1990 match remained a mystery for many boxing fans as some stated it to be 42:1 and others 40:1. However, fans cannot forget the night of February 11, 1990, in Tokyo. At the young age of 23, Tyson carried a record of 37-0 with 33 wins coming through the knockout. It led Tyson to become the undisputed WBC, IBF, and WBA champion.

Douglas, on the other hand, carried the record of 29-4-1 against Tony Tucker. This match was memorable because Iron Mike was battling a divorce, and Douglas lost his mother at that very time. In this memorable match, Douglas had out-of-the-ring pressure on Mike Tyson.

The real action started when an underdog, Douglas, gave flurry punches that sent the badass boxer on the planet Tyson on the floor in the 10th round. Belts changed hands, and underdog (Douglas) bettors enjoyed a 42:1 wager.

4. Bills (+3.5) v/s Patriots

Bills v/s Patriots was the soccer championship that irritated most Bills fans. In 1998, the Patriots were left with one round. The players of the Bills were sitting near the 26-yard line. Quarterback Colin Hurley did the Hail Mary pass near the end of the game. This pass hit the ground ‘incomplete.’ So, the ‘controversial defensive interference penalty’ went to the Bills team.

This scoring put the Patriots up by 23-21, which led to Bills players walking from the ground in frustration. 11 Patriot players were left on the field. The Kicker, Adam Vinatieri, ran to the endzone for a two-point conversion. It caused Bills fans to rip their tickets in anger. Patriots won by 25-21 against the Bills.

5. Miracle On Ice (+100,000)

This thrilling yet upsetting moment in sports betting history was witnessed 1980 during an Ice Hockey match. It was a Winter Olympics game played at Lake Placid in New York. The game was played between US and USSR. The underdog in the match was the US team, where the shot was upheld at 1,000-to-1 shot. It means bettors who placed a $100 wager went home with a whopping $100,000.

The Soviet Union, in their previous matches, already registered 27 wins, 1 loss, and 1 tie match. The US was thumped at 10-3 by USSR a few days before the start of the Winter Olympics. So, no one was willing to bet on the US team. However, things took a turn when the US team was going down at 2-3, but suddenly, in the third period, they scored two more goals. This stunned the Soviet players.

This was a miracle match as the US won the Ice Hockey title by 4-3, and the underdog bettors got home with great wins.

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