Call of Duty Modern Warfare

Call of Duty Modern Warfare:

5 tips for getting started in Multiplayer

It is always good, even useful to know a few tips to start your development in the game, especially for newbie’s in the series. Let’s go for our tips that will allow you, to start well in the Multiplayer of the Call of duty Modern Warfare.

1 – The MP5 and the M4 are your best allies

At first, it is impossible to create your own class, as is the case with all Call of Duty. It is therefore necessary to use the weapons at your disposal. The choice varies in particular between AUG and FR 5.56. It will therefore be necessary to go up levels to first obtain the M4.

M4 is a balanced weapon that allows you to defend effectively at short and medium-range or even long according to the tempo. Of course, initially, difficult to handle, but it will be your best ally for a very long time.

As for the MP5, It also turns out to be an excellent weapon. She had proven herself during the last beta and she continues to score points. A very good weapon if you play aggressively.

2 – Footsteps are important

A patch could be provided to lower the intensity of footsteps. At the moment, they are really important in the game, as you would expect. You can easily hear the footsteps of your enemies, especially in buildings. Do not hesitate to play with the settings either in “Boost” or “Midnight” to accentuate these famous footsteps.

3 – Play in HQ or Domination

Level up, it’s the sinews of war, because it opens up great possibilities for you like new weapons and assets. There are modes to favor to climb quickly and gain more experience. The HQ mode allows you to get a lot of points by taking the HQ and defending it.

The 20 player domination is also a point nest. It’s easy to finish with 1800 or even 2000 points at the end of the game. Between capturing different points and defending there is a way to have fun. Of course, beware of campers at the bottom of the map.

4 – Adapt the way you play

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare clearly doesn’t play out like Black Ops or even its predecessors. Here, no rush my friend. You have to play methodically. The level design is particularly inappropriate for an aggressive game; we must pay attention to the various openings. A building can contain windows and a multitude of entrances from which enemies can come. Campers being legion, rusher is not a good tactic as you will often pass the weapon to the left.

The time-to-kill being relatively low, you will die very quickly, just like your enemies. Do not hesitate to use the environment to lean in corners and shoot without exposing your entire hitbox.

5 – Activate your XP tokens

The game gives you experience tokens to activate to level up faster for you and your weapons. These are easily activated and are limited in time. Usually, the effect lasts 30 minutes.

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