Lawyers must assert themselves, defend their point of view in court and deal with clients skillfully. But what if someone doesn’t like being on the front line all the time? Can introverts also be good lawyers?

Just because a colleague is shy and initially reacts insecurely does not mean that he is an introvert. Insecurity usually disappears over time – introversion, on the other hand, is a personality trait that cannot be magically removed. “It shouldn’t be, because introverts have much strength that they can use professionally,” emphasizes coach and speaker Dr. Wyom Smith. She deals with introverts and extroverts and explains what makes introverts special: “They are more introspective than extroverts and need quiet to work. The quieter it is, the more creative they can be.” Digging into files for hours in a single office is no problem for introverted lawyers. Furthermore, too many sensory impressions at the same time are counterproductive for introverts. If a lot of information pours in at them, they tend to become irritable and tired, while extroverts often cannot be stressed enough – only then do they really get going. 

“Introverts, on the other hand, think all the time. That’s why they’re often good analysts and problem solvers, which makes a lot of sense for lawyers and other legal professionals,” Loehken says. The third characteristic of introverts: they are more cautious than their extrovert colleagues, who like to try something quickly instead of thinking about it for a long time. “Introverts prefer to once again point out risks and persistently examine a thing from many sides before making a decision,” says Loehken. This quality is also for a lawyer, especially for judges, very helpful, she is convinced. The basic rule is: All people have characteristics of introversion and extroversion. “Everyone simply has to find out what their strengths are and in which environment they can work best.” Well, you also need a LNAT tutors to discuss your qualities and adjectives, click here to consult a professional LNAT tutor now. 

Law firms are looking for mixed teams

“We need both: extroverted as well as introverted colleagues,” emphasizes Lorenz Kiefer, Human Resources Manager at Noerr LLP. “After all, there are also people on the client side who prefer to work with quieter people.” In the job interview, Kiefer not only pays attention to the technical aspects but also to the personal aspects. The most important thing for him is that the candidates have to radiate energy and show backbone – “and introverts can do that just as well”. According to Kiefer’s experience, the tasks of introverts and extroverts do not necessarily have to be different; rather they have to suit the person. 

“An extrovert cannot sell better per se and argue in court,” says the HR manager. “Everyone has their strengths, which they should use to the best of their ability.” In the end, all that counts is whether someone does their job well – regardless of whether they got there loudly or quietly. Prof. Dr. Elisabeth from the law firm FPS works there as a lawyer, business mediator and trained coach and gives soft skills training, among other things. “I’m satisfied the way I am,” is her dogma. “You’re not doing yourself a favor by bending over backwards.” The larger the team, the more likely it is that introverts will find their place, believes Elisabeth. Because then you can complement each other. An example would be a pitch for a new mandate: while the extroverted colleague is giving the presentation, the introverted one is then available for detailed questions. “I appreciate in quiet colleagues,

You shouldn’t be too afraid of networking

The professional work with and for the client is one thing – the other is the many extracurricular events that lawyers attend, such as evening meetings with colleagues or clients. “Even if you shy away from casual conversations with strangers, staying away from such events is not an option,” says the soft skills expert. Instead, she advises quieter people to simply focus on known clients or colleagues at such meetings. Even if many do: introverted lawyers do not necessarily have to work as lawyers – with a law degree, graduates have many other paths open to them. “Authorities, associations or ministries, for example, are looking for excellent lawyers to work as consultants,” says Dr. Christoph Wittekindt, Head of Legal People, a recruiter specifically for lawyers. 

“Such tasks in the background are often very demanding, and you need people who like to familiarize themselves scientifically with a topic.” In any case, it cannot be said in general terms whether working as a speaker, working as a lawyer, working as a judge or public prosecutor is more or less suitable for quiet people. Wittekind’s experience shows that many lawyers first have to find themselves after the second state examination and try out a position first. “Only later do they realize that something else might be more suitable for them.” The awareness of their strengths and preferences usually only develops over time. Extroverts are no different than introverts.”

What an introvert should specifically focus on during law career

There are a few things that an introvert should focus on during their law career. First and foremost, it is important to be aware of your strengths and weaknesses. Secondly, try to find a law firm or company that suits your personality. And lastly, don’t be afraid to network!

Self-promotion as a lawyer

One of the most important things for a lawyer is self-promotion. You need to be able to sell yourself, your skills, and your experience in order to get clients and advance in your career. This can be a challenge for introverts, who may not be comfortable with self-promotion. However, it is important to remember that self-promotion does not have to be aggressive or pushy. There are many ways to promote yourself without being overbearing. For example, you can start by writing articles or blog posts about your area of expertise. You can also give talks or presentations at conferences or events. If you are uncomfortable promoting yourself directly, you can hire a publicist to help you get your name out there.


There is no one answer to this question, as it depends on the individual lawyer’s skills and preferences. However, many introverts can be good lawyers if they find the right role that suits their strengths and preferences

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