Cardboard Cigar Boxes are a big part of culture all around the world, and people have been smoking them for hundreds of years. They’re composed of three parts: the wrapper, binder, and filler. The wrapper is what gives cigars their flavor; they come in many different flavors like chocolate or spiced rum. The binder holds together all the other tobacco leaves that will eventually be rolled into a cigar shape. Finally, the filler is made up of chopped tobacco leaves which give cigars their unique taste. Some people even use scraps from other cigars to make new ones! There are so many varieties out there it’s hard to keep track!

Cardboard Cigar Boxes are essential to the cigar industry. The presentation of a premium cigar, as well as providing protection from damage and degradation during storage and transportation, can have a significant impact.

When you consider that cigars are often sold by weight rather than volume, it makes sense that an ounce or two lost in transit could equate to hundreds of dollars. At Cigars International we believe our core principles of integrity and excellence will always be at the forefront when designing new products for your enjoyment. We would like to share with you some common types of Cardboard Cigar Boxes found throughout history so you can better understand why they were created. They served historically – both domestically and abroad – through advertising campaigns.

Reliable Materials For Cigar Packaging

Cigar makers and retailers alike need to find materials that will keep cigars fresh while still offering a consistent, attractive appearance. Read on for more information on some of the most reliable options available today.

There are many factors that go into choosing cigar boxes wholesale material- from durability and cost to aesthetic appeal and functionality. Here is an overview of some popular choices:

– Cardboard boxes offer low cost but can be flimsy or breakable depending on the type used. They also don’t provide much protection against moisture, so they may leave your cigars with a soggy mess inside if not sealed properly. If you’re a cigar smoker, then your packaging is important. You want to be sure that the container for your cigars consists of materials of the highest quality and will provide a long-lasting seal against moisture and air. This blog post discusses how to pick out cigar packaging material that’s best for you!

Off-Set Printing For Cigar Packaging

Off-set printing is a process that prints large quantities of high-quality images onto paper. It produces the highest quality graphics available for print, and it’s also one of the most cost-effective methods because it uses less ink than other printing processes.  There are many reasons to choose offset printing for Cardboard Cigar Boxes. Sometimes when you are in the cigar industry, your packaging needs to be just as high quality as your cigars. If you are looking for a way to make your packaging stand out, then off-set printing is the solution. Off-set Printing is an affordable and effective option for any business that wishes to have an eye-catching design on their materials.  This blog will provide some information about offset printing and how it can help improve your company’s branding efforts.

Customized Cigar Packaging Impress Customers

Cigar packaging is a great way to make your product stand out and impress customers. Whether you’re looking to create an inexpensive Cardboard Cigar Boxes or a luxury cigar case, there are many options available and we would be happy to help you find the best one for your needs. Customized Personalized Cigar Boxes are available in any size, shape, color, material and design that fits within your budget.

Custom cigar packaging isn’t just about the cigars themselves. It’s also about how you present them to your clients and customers. When they know that you care enough to put in the time, effort, and money into making sure their cigars are safe during transit, it shows them that you value their business! Take advantage of these custom cigar boxes for an added wow factor at your next event or tradeshow.


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