5 Reasons Why You Should Choose CodeIgniter Development For Your Web Project

5 Reasons Why You Should Choose CodeIgniter Development For Your Web Project

The internet is ruled by websites. If the content is the king then a website is the kingdom. Whether a business or an individual, everyone takes up the task of getting their website developed at a certain point.

Professionals are tasked with the project of delivering the best website to a client. Out of all the platforms available, CodeIgniter comes to the stage most of the time.

Projected by CodeIgniter Foundation, the platform is based on the framework of PHP. It enhances the process of developing a website. Some crucial add-ons that CodeIgniter offers are uploading files, sending email, and managing the session of a user, to name a few.

A website runs on plug-ins, or features in other words. Just like every other platform, CodeIgniter also has a limited number of plug-ins available. One area where it distinguishes itself from the competitors is allowing a programmer to connect third-party plug-ins. A third-party plug-in once enabled on the platform, serves all the functions with the same level of efficiency.

CodeIgniter is an easy-to-use platform; however, it may get complicated at some point. Hiring CodeIgniter development services is the best way to ensure that the project goes on non-stop.

Reasons To Choose CodeIgnitor

Here are a few reasons to choose CodeIgniter for your web development project.


The reliability of a web development platform, or any platform, depends on how secured it is. The cases of cyber-attacks are alarming. The data of a user is stolen and put up for sale on a hostile website.

CodeIgniter emphasizes security and that makes it more reliable than other players in the market. All the data, functions, and coding sequences are marked with proper encryption and decryption features of the platform. Everything that a programmer feeds on CodeIgniter remains tightly sealed on the platform. An attack, if ever attempted, goes in vain.

The payment gateway for an e-commerce website, for example, is essential. It poses a risk of a lot of data getting stolen. The data includes credit/debit card numbers, social security numbers, and other personal information. Such data is safe only if the platform is ready to tackle a cyber attack. CodeIgniter, in every case, is always ready to defend.

Simple To Use

A programmer may be skilled and qualified to perform the coding for a website. The fact that everyone deserves to work on a simple configuration remains relevant.

CodeIgniter offers the easiest configuration to a programmer. He or she can freely use a folder set up to compile their data or the sequences of codes written. The build-up of linear arrangement streamlines the work that a programmer does on the PHP-based platform. This directly contributes to the saving of one’s time and efforts. A programmer is also able to deliver the project to the client before the deadline.

The framework of a platform affects the operations. By providing a simpler framework, CodeIgniter ensures that there is no difficulty while developing a web application.

Model View Controller

Also known as MVC, Model View Controller is the backbone of CodeIgniter. To quote the platform itself, CodeIgniter is an MVC-based system.

The curiosity about what it does and how it makes the platform better is understandable. We did a little bit of research and read how important it is for a developer to develop and test his or her codes. The requirements of every client are different. There is a chance that what worked for one may not work for another. The MVC system of CodeIgniter offers assistance in letting a programmer develop and test their codes in one go.

This facilitates the development of a website based on the conduct of a test. A programmer is better able to depend on the platform. The higher the dependency, the better the output.


Offline documentation refers to organizing your documents in their respective files and keeping them systematically for quick reference. Online documentation is no different except for the fact that the files are required to be managed over the internet.

Codes once written can be reused in a future project. The same codes can also be referred to while reviewing a current project. This increases the need to manage and store them properly. CodeIgniter does that for a programmer. It offers every assistance possible to manage and refer to the codes. The time spent in finding them and reviewing them is minimized drastically. This enables a programmer to invest the saved time in coming up with something new for the client.

All the work, successful or not, saved on the platform ultimately makes up for the user guide. This can be referred to at any time of the day or night.


The community of CodeIgniter is there to assist everyone. It has members of every gender, age group, and other background. They all have one thing in common: professional skills.

Getting stuck at one point is normal. It happens to every professional, but this must not delay your project. The community of professional web developers is actively available 24*7. Any glitch suffered by website development services can be discussed with the members of the community. They are resolved at the earliest, depending on how complicated they are.

Professional experts from the community of CodeIgniter also offer codes that can be re-used by a programmer. These codes are open to being customized based on the requirement of a client.

Final Words

These were some of the benefits that we came across. Are you already on CodeIgniter? Or have you ever used the platform? If yes, then let us know more advantages that you can think about.