Coloring pictures for children and teens of all ages


For practically everyone, winter has arrived, with chilly temperatures, rain, and even snow falling in most regions in the early days of 2016. This implies you and your family are probably spending more time inside.

We all have trouble coming up with ways to keep the family (read: “kids”) occupied from time to time. Thanks to the combined efforts of my Adventure to Fitness team, I recently shared some indoor game and activity ideas with the purpose of encouraging active minds and active bodies.

It’s also wise to go back to the basics now and then. Super Mario Bros coloring pages and drawing are two of the most basic and basic hobbies we engage in, but they are also highly beneficial. In fact, adult colouring books and parties were hot last year, offering enjoyable and low-cost ways to unwind. Children can profit from the same advantages as adults and perhaps more.

Both colouring and drawing assist children strengthen their fine motor skills. They also teach the brain how to concentrate. These low-cost activities need little preparation and are well-suited to travel for parents and teachers (particularly relevant with winter breaks approaching). Materials may be found at most general stores, discount stores, and online. A rising number of colouring and sketching apps are available on mobile devices for tech-savvy parents.

Coloring and drawing are also great methods to incorporate educational elements in a fun and creative way. Coloring can be done using boxed books and pages with younger children, based on their interests and ability. Kids’ creativity blossoms as they are introduced to free-form colouring and sketching.

Learning can be introduced according to the child’s age and ability in either scenario. Kids can “count the number of trains on the page” or “name all the different animals in the photo,” for example. Numbers, colours, geography, history, and even spelling can all be studied. Parents can also ask their children to draw a scene from a favourite book.

We’ve experienced the outcomes directly at Adventure to Fitness, so this isn’t an obscure notion. Our main focus has always been on animated videos that take children on trips all across the world or throughout history. We keep the kids moving during the performances and provide educational information that is pertinent to the episode.

We saw that many teachers were following our videos with colouring or drawing to offer students a respite after the physical activity while reinforcing the lessons from a particular episode when we began talking with the thousands of teachers who were using our product.

We started giving free Harry Potter coloring pages for the younger kids because much of the instructional content could be beyond their immediate comprehension, but self-paced, creative-expression activities like colouring and sketching could help. To go along with the Serengeti Stampede episode, we also released a full colouring book.

For those cold and rainy days when the family is stuck inside, colouring and drawing are easy alternatives you may pick from the shelf. Determine what works best for your family, and remember that colouring and sketching have numerous physical and emotional benefits in addition to being enjoyable activities!

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