Common Mistakes At Pacman 30th anniversary

Pacman 30th anniversary

If you are already a good player in the google doodle Pacman 30th anniversary. But still, you get failed and lose all of your lives in the game. Then you might be one of those who need to know which common mistake people do. We have gathered some common mistakes that you most do, But you never accept them. These common mistakes make your game frustrating, So try our guide to reduce them. Become an Expert on google Pacman 30th anniversary game. So Before wasting any time, let’s get right into it.

1. You Sleep On Ghosts

Yes! you didn’t know but when you ignore them. They come and hunt you down. So you always have to keep an eye on them. Every ghost has a different and unique personality. Try to know about them all. Avoid them as much as you can. Don’t let them cut your path. If you let them, you will definitely lose your life.

Also, the game gets faster with time. So, it’s better to keep making turns. Try some tunnels or use some hiding spot. Try to be in a safe spot. This can let you survive for longer than ever.

2. You waste Power Pellets/Energizers

As you didn’t know, you waste your energizers or power pellets in a foolish manner. Always try to use them in an emergency. When you are surrounded by all of those ghosts then it’s a good time to eat each of them. Using this technique will not only save your life but also provide you with a higher score. So be steady and wise when you are about to use energizers. Try not to be greedy.

Remember! If you waste all of your power pellets at the start then it will become more difficult for you to survive in the

3. You Don’t Take Risk At the Right Time

For many players, this is the most common problem. They remain silent when you have to do something violent.

You have to learn the technique to risk your life at a right time. This technique didn’t help much at the start of the game. But as you proceed to a further level, you see faster movements. Now overcome that situation, you gotta make some risky decisions. This may seem quite foolish but trust me this works every time. Don’t become over-smart. Try to stay confident and make a risky decision.

4. Maintain your Focus

Google doodle Pacman’s 30th anniversary is a game all about concentration, you need to put all of your focus on it. If you didn’t, then the ghost will definitely catch you. This game is very uncertain. Try to maintain your focus on the game even if you are about to win the game.

If you are losing your concentration try to play on Pac man 30th anniversary full screen. This will help you to maintain your concentration better. On a further level the speed of ghost movement increases which requires a lot more focus. So always remember to maintain a good focus on google Pacman’s 30th anniversary.


Although the above-mentioned play is great in increasing your strategy of winning but still you need a lot of practice in-game. Try to play the game more. But try not to become an addict. Use all the given tips in your daily gameplay of Pacman’s anniversary 30th. This will not help you to survive longer but also help you get a higher score than ever. So I guess that’s all for today. Hope you find this article interesting. Keep Smiling.