Do you need a license to be a bartender in California?

Do you need a license to be a bartender in California

Maybe you are looking for a bright future ahead and aiming for a career that calls for great paychecks at the end of every month. So, giving a career choice in bartending seems to be a great option by your side. Now, before entering the business world, there are some impressive options you need to consider. Much like 10 minute break, there are some other rules and regulations that you must follow, to avoid legal issues later in life. 

The honest say

It is true to state that bartending happens to be one of the best jobs that you can get your hands on. It will present you with flexible scheduling with 10 minute break in between, amazing working hours, and great pay in the end.

In case you are asking to find some questions, then you have come to the right place. There are different questions that seem to be swarming your mind. The first and foremost question that needs an answer is whether you need a license to work as a bartender in California.

The answer you have been waiting for!

In short, the answer to your previously asked question will be no. You technically, do not need any bartending license in order to get employed as a bartender in a Californian state. 

  • In case you have some experience up your shelves to work behind bars, then you can always get hired as a bartender, even when you don’t have a license under your name.
  • Most people would love to start their bartending job once they reached the age of 21. 
  • They will first gain employment as a bar back or working out as a server. Sometimes, they will work their current way up to the coveted position of that of a bartender.
  • This entire process will take up a lot of time. Sometimes, it can take more than 9 to 10 years to become a bartender if you don’t have a license.

But, if you do have a license by your side, the task of becoming a bartender gets a lot easier. Furthermore, apart from the deserving 10 minute break, there you have many perks that a license can get you. So, instead of going blindly in this business, following the norms step by step is a clever deal to address right here for sure!

The advantages of having a license by your side

If you want to gain excellent experience behind the bar then visiting a school and getting your license is always a great goal to consider. For that, you need to be a part of a physical school. Avoid going to the online school as it will not prepare you adequately to work behind a bar.

  • If you want to get employed and enjoy your 10 minute break, then experience is always the key to getting the best job as a bartender for it. 
  • Managers and bar owners are pretty hesitant to hire someone without any experience behind his back. It mainly doesn’t happen!
  • Nobody would love to work with a person or pay him to work behind a bar who has no idea what he is doing.
  • It really does not matter if you are great at all the other jobs that you have handled so far. Bartending needs a different set of skills to follow.
  • Bartending will involve multiple skills like knowing your drinks, improved knowledge about the drinks, customer service, multitasking, and time management, all at once.
  • The bar owners would love to know that you are likely to be able to do the job and can perform it well. 

A bartending license will act as proof for you that you have all the basic skill sets required in order to be behind the bar counter. It shows that you possess the integrity to go to school and get your hands on the license.

Get one for you now

So, next time you are making plans to start a career-centric future, be sure to get a license for that. The same goes with bartending jobs. In the end, you will bag the job that you have always dreamt of and in the top-notch restaurant cum bars in your area.