Does coaching help us get better in Dota 2?

Does coaching help us get better in Dota 2?

Dota 2 is a highly competitive and complex game that requires a lot of skill. There are multiple players who are struggling to improve their rank in dota gaming, but they often face challenges and difficulties along the way.  There are many methods to improve rank in dota 2, but one of the most effective methods to improve rank in Dota 2 is to get coaching from experienced players. They can provide valuable guidance, feedback, and tips to help players enhance their gameplay, learn from their mistakes, and master the game. They play an important role in helping professional players improve their performance, analyse their opponents, and prepare them for tournaments. They can also help players understand their strengths and weaknesses. If you are looking to improve your gameplay I will tell you to some of the top coaches who can help you to improve your gameplay.


Aidan, a Dota 2 player and coach from South Africa. With years of experience playing and coaching, He has achieved 8200 MMR on the SEA server. He has created educational content for gamers class and offers private coaching to help players improve their gameplay and climb the ranks. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced player, He can guide you through the complexities of the game and provide personalised guidance to help you reach new heights. Let him assist you in your journey towards becoming a better Dota 2 player. You can choose this coach for Dota 2 at a very affordable price.  He is a super chill dude,  and had a great coaching session. He is able to point out your shortcomings and explain it in a way that makes sense.


He is playing Pro and Semi-pro Dota 2 Competitively for the Last 3 Years (10+ Years Overall), He is a well rounded coach that has experience for several Tier 1 and 2 teams across SEA, CHINA, NORTH AMERICA & LATAM, He will get you over the hump and help you identify the root of your problems. He is also on Rank 300-500  in the very hard SEA Server. He had a well thought out structured approach to his coaching. By having you play a live game, he will keep you on your toes and even bring to attention aspects that you did not think about before such as maintaining focus while multitasking. Pushes you to the absolute limits of your gameplay, especially when you start low. It will be a new perspective on the game for you. A refocus on what are your objectives, what you should learn and train. His post game observations were not overly complicated, and he even provided a basic training guide to continue improving. His sessions are well worth the money.


His name is Alvin, his nickname is LooMisT. He has been playing dota for 17 years and he is glad to share his knowledge and experience for people to improve their gameplay on Dota 2. First of all I’d just like to say this guy is super friendly, and was a breath of fresh air. Loomist is incredibly professional and accommodating. He took the time to understand your playstyle, strengths, and areas where you need improvement. Alvin is also very helpful in pointing out your bad decisions in item build, movements, skill builds, along with lots of other things that will help you to be a better player. He focuses on your game, it doesn’t matter if you match with bad players or not. He helps by focusing on your mistakes in order to “solo” win the game. The personalised game plan he developed for you will not only be comprehensive but also achievable.  One thing that stood out was how Loomist emphasised decision-making and in-game psychology. Loomist has Dota 2 theory that helps you to visualise the game in a way you will never have thought about before. Really exciting to know there is still so much to learn in this game. 


I am a 7.8k DotA 2 player based in SEA with 17 years of experience in the game. Used to participate in many local tournaments and won a fair share of 1v1 mid tournaments. I specialise in core roles such as Mid, but am versatile with all roles still. I will help you increase your MMR and provide coaching through replay analysis to teach you about the fundamentals and concepts in DotA 2. He is very friendly, super knowledgeable and immediately managed to spot my mistakes. He then showed me how to address the issues and answered all of my questions during the training session. He is extremely patient and helpful and quickly found the areas you are lacking, will show your bad patterns continue to show up, how they are affecting your gameplay, and will explain changes that you could apply to your own games.  This coach also showed up on time and was great at communicating outside of the lesson. It was comfy and structured to suit my needs after reviewing the replays of my games. Identified the issues and flaws at different stages of my games and did a detailed summary and steps to approach those stages.