Experiment with your style with beautiful gold pendants

gold pendants

Necklaces are very important pieces in the world of jewellery that have the power to make or break your look. From simple chains to intricate statement adornments, there is a wide array of gorgeous necklaces that suit different styles. However, when you want to keep your look subtle while not compromising on the elegance of your attire, gold chains and pendants are exactly what you need. Gold pendants are charming, versatile accessories that require special attention because, when paired with the right outfits, it can provide you with a unique look, complementing your image. This is one reason why, when purchasing gold pendants, one has to pay attention to several details to avoid any wardrobe disasters!


Which pendant should I choose?


The perfect gold pendants can add glamour to your neck and can easily enhance the beauty of your attire. While jewellers come up with better designs for their gold pendants every year, some of the most popular and timeless designs out there are:


  1. Classic gold pendants 

Classic gold pendant designs have been around for decades and are an option that will go with every outfit and occasion. The design usually consists of simple yellow gold drops that are embellished with pearls or diamonds. While classic gold pendants come in many forms, they all tend to look soft and graceful and help keep the balance of your outfit.


  1. Designed gold pendants

Designed gold pendants usually have natural designs made from gold that are later embellished with stones. These would include designs of stars, flowers, hearts, and animals, and it allows each person to express their personality. Gold pendants like these also make amazing gifts when you know the receiver’s personality and what they like.


  1. Lockets- medallion pendants

Gold pendants that can keep a secret are called medallion pendants or, popularly, lockets. These gold pendants consist of two opening parts where you would place small pictures of your loved ones. Most medallions are oval or heart-shaped, but you could always custom make it and find a shape that suits your taste.


  1. Statement gold pendants

Statement gold pendants are usually worn for adding a touch of luxury to your outfit since these are mostly made from precious gemstones and diamonds. These gold pendants are truly a work of art and would not suit most casual outfits. Statement gold pendants come in so many intricate and clever designs that make them perfect for special events.


  1. Personalized gold pendants

If you love personalizing your jewellery, then personalized gold pendants are exactly what you need. These are usually alphabetic gold pendants- you can either purchase your initial, or you can custom make your entire name. You could even get classic block pendants and add inscriptions on them.


Tips to picking gold pendants


Though gold pendants are considered to be independent jewellery, you still need a chain to wear them. This is why most people first purchase the chain and then head to the gold jewellery collection. But when you already have a chain, do consider the following tips:


  • The gold pendants should not be heavier than the chain, and the maximum ratio of weights between them should be 1:1. This is because if the pendant is heavier, then it may cause the chain to break or get damaged quickly.
  • It is always best to match the colour of the gold pendants to the colour of the chain. Gold comes in three shades- yellow, rose, and white, so make sure you have the same coloured chain with you when you choose a pendant colour.
  • It is always best to choose simple chains to put the spotlight on the gold pendant. If the design of the chain is elaborate, then your pendant would never stand out.
  • The clamp of the gold pendants should be big enough for the chains you have to go through. Therefore, before making any decisions, always make sure you check the clamp.
  • Also, make sure that the chain is solid enough to carry gold pendants. It is best to avoid flat chains since these are not flexible enough to hold pendants.


The best thing about picking gold pendants is that there are so many different designs out there! Each year welcomes the existence of newer and cleverer designs, so do not miss out on the latest styles when purchasing!




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