Facebook Organic Marketing: What Works in 2022

How is your Facebook organic marketing faring? Is your metrics where you want it to be? You may be looking for ways to improve your non-paid Facebook marketing. Here, we will show you organic methods to drive your Facebook market.

The Reason Facebook Organic Marketing is Still Relevant

It is true that recently there’s a decline in the organic reach of Facebook markets. But before you conclude that Facebook now only runs a pay-to-play market, you need to understand salient facts about Facebook.

Facebook which is more than 15 years has grown tremendously, becoming the largest social media network on the globe. It boasts of 2 billion active users who use the app on daily basis. So no matter who your audience is, majority of them still use Facebook. This translates to potentiality for your business. 

You should also remember that Facebook is a visual platform just like Instagram, further use igtools if you want to increase likes, followers.  While many people respond more to images and videos, Facebook algorithms seem to favour visual posts.

In essence, videos and images are assets, tools for your Facebook organic marketing. People tend to engage more on Facebook visual posts. 

Video is one of the best visual formats to relay information. You have to consider the different types of content you intend to publish. Effective content strategy involves using all of these types of content. While some features on Facebook fade, the platform keeps bringing new ones that can utilize to achieve maximum results for your click here business.

Below are 7 different types of posts to boost your Facebook organic marketing

  1. Images: Images are one of the most popular posts you can publish on Facebook which continues to Garner reaction from audience. You can make your own images by generating graphics and texts using software or editors. Your images should be compelling and attractive. An image post is designed to stand out from the text that covers most of the background on the Facebook home feed.

Many marketers are unaware that you can add a call to action (CTA) or a link with the image. However, the challenge  with this method is that if the post is shared, the link is left behind. So while using links in organic marketing, be sure to place it where they will work best for you. 

Remember that most users do met read content. They merely skim their feeds to see if anything spectacular will catch their eyes. You have to make your graphic tell your story perfectly in one image. Let your image be attractive with a compelling headline. Then you can use the text in your caption to augment the rest of the information.

  1. Facebook Stories: Facebook stories are a great feature that is proving very effective in organic marketing. Other social media platforms are creating their own versions of story. Faces stores are full screen vertical pictures and videos that amalgamate to tell a story. To increase traffic and gain results in your organic marketing, you should regularly create stories that express your products in the best possible way. You can also cross-post your story on various platforms. Integra and Facebook are very compatible. You can enjoy stickers and other features if you make your story on the Integra creator and cross post to Facebook. Those features will still reflect.

Make use of the pages of Facebook story and upload at least three images or videos. This will ensure each of them is active within the 24 hour period. 

  1. Facebook Link-Posts: Facebook link posts are any post involving graphics or no graphics that contain a link within the caption which leads to a particular spot either on Facebook or another website altogether. While it is a good strategy to fuel traffic to our other sites, it has been noted that Facebook does not permit posts with links to have wide reach and this invariably frustrates efforts of the marketer. 

However, posting links on Facebook is still a great marketing tool as it connects to other platforms easily. Many expert marketers still make use of link posts. You can use the strategy of “See more” before they see and click on the link. This is more engaging for the audience. However, if you are having a launch or want to make announcement, you may have to make the link visible above the post. You could also upload  image first before adding a link to your post. This will prevent Facebook from showing your link with the open graphics. Your post will be image with a link and will stand a better chance of being seen in the algorithms. Do not over do the link sharing which leads to other sites as this will kill the reach your page may have acquired.

  1. Text Based Posts With Generated Beautiful Background: Currently, Facebook has the feature that allows you to make a text post and add a generated beautiful background to it. You have a variety of avatars to choose from and each of them lends power to the post. It is best used for short posts without it generating a ‘see more’ link.
  2. Video Uploads: The next popular post format on Facebook is videos. Your videos could be streamed live or could be pre-recorded videos. However you choose to do it, let your videos be high quality and let your message be engaging to the audience. It has been noted that videos of 3 minutes or more do better than shorter videos. Videos of up to 5 minutes or more perform best when it comes to pre-recorded videos.
  3. Facebook Live Audio Rooms: Facebook has equipped its users with the chance to create live audio rooms that allows users to communicate in real time with a real voice without needing to be camera ready or be presentable. With this you give your audience the opportunity to interact more freely with you concerning your business.
  4. Facebook Podcasts: Facebook is giving podcasters a new channel to help them reach their audience faster. If you already have a podcast you can easily connect to Facebook to play it through to your users. This automatically creates a Facebook news feed that will allow your audience to access your podcasts.

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