FC 24 Pro is a new esports program featuring 1 vs. 1 matches. The tournament begins when the game launches and ends in June 2024.

A new FC 24 competition is shaping up. The FC 24 Pro is an esports program dedicated to those who want to take their game to a whole new level. This new competition introduces a new format. We are talking about 1 versus 1 games. Only the best players will make it to the FC 24 Pro World Championship. The new tournament aims to make things simpler. As a result, the best contenders from the official and partner leagues will be able to take part in it. U7Buy is a veteran FC 24 coins seller who has fulfilled numerous requests helping players achieve their goals! 

FC 24 Pro Schedule and Format

The calendar has several competition stages. This makes things less complicated for the participants and fans who want to stay updated with the happenings. The first stage is the FC Pro Open. It will begin on launch day and end in February 2024. The first competition of this stage will be the FC Pro Open ladder. This is a qualifying event for the FC Pro Open. There will be weekly games throughout the two months. Players who miss the qualifiers for the FC Pro Open have another chance. They will keep competing in the online regional tournament. Some nice prizes are at stake. Domestic competitions start in February and end in April. These competitions are from the partner leagues. The national champions of these leagues will go to the FC Pro World Championships. Those who compete don’t have any global obligations. The clubs have the opportunity to find the best players that will represent their countries in the tournament. The FC Pro World Championships will take place in June. Thirty-two participants will battle for the big trophy. We have the first four winners of the FC Pro Open and the finishers from the partner leagues in the final. The winner will become the FC 24 World Champion.

What You Need to Know About the FC 24 Pro Open

It all begins with the in-game competitions. Those who are eligible and pass the qualifier stage unlock the competitive mode. They will then take part in the FC 24 Pro Open Ladder. This will be hosted by the tournament operation partner. During the ladder, participants will play against others from their competition region. This happens at precise times. While taking part in the FC 24 Pro Open, players can represent a football club or an esports team. They can also be unaffiliated if they wish to. This competition has only 1 versus 1 games. The real-time leaderboard can also be seen outside of the game. The first players from the regional ladder advance to the FC Pro Open Regional Qualifiers. This sends them to the Open Global Qualifier that will take place in November 2024. Sixty-four players will take part in this tournament. The first 16 players from the Open Pro Global Qualifier join the first four players from the last season in the FC 24 Pro Open. Those who don’t go to the Pro Open have the chance to take part in the regional tournament as long as the FC Pro Open window is still open. Click here to learn more about FC 24 Pro.

FC 24 Pro Leagues and Pro World Championship

The partner league tournaments begin in February and end in April. These will decide the national champions. Players have the chance to represent their clubs. More info on these tournaments will be available after the start of the season. Those who took part in the FC 24 Pro Open can also compete in the football league tournaments if they are eligible. The FC 24 Pro World Championship ends the season. It’s the first time the developing company is hosting a World Championship tournament.

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