Features of billboards and advertising stands

Among the wide variety of outdoor advertising in BSPROMO, billboards should definitely be mentioned. They are affordable, popular and successful for many years. And do not get tired to demonstrate their high efficiency.

In general, billboards are a transit type of advertising, they are often installed along carriageways, near dividing strips, highways, etc.. That is, everywhere where there is a large number of vehicles, which allows you to notice the advertising to a huge number of people.

Structurally, billboards can be one-sided or two-sided. It all depends on how you plan to install the design. If one billboard is not enough, then in addition use Roll Up publicitario, acting as a complex.

Pros and cons

Immediately worth mentioning the advantages. They are as follows:

  • Quite low cost of production. As for placement, it is the place and the price of this place that plays a role;
  • A huge coverage of the audience for a minimum period due to the large dimensions of the billboard and the right place of installation;
  • Effectiveness – by selecting a suitable image, you can attract the attention of every person who passes by the design;
  • Aesthetics – it certainly affects the design and print quality, resolution, colorfulness. But in general, the billboard is able to make an impression and be remembered for a long time.

Another advantage is the ability to be remembered. If a person passes by a billboard every day, sees the same advertisement every day, then it is permanently imprinted in his memory. And it affects the choice of brand, trademark, product, etc. When they need a new phone, the user is highly likely to buy the model they saw on the billboard, or at least the same brand.

Disadvantages, however, also exist. Large in size design causes difficulties in the manufacture and installation, requiring time and money. Sometimes it’s easier to order something more compact and easy to install, such as the Fly banner – Banderolas Publicitarias. Another disadvantage is that there are not many places in or out of town to install a billboard. The best spots are already occupied, sometimes for several years ahead. By the way, to agree with the local authorities to install such a structure is also not always possible, you have to run through the offices for permission documentation.

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