Features of LEC Game

Features of LEC Game

Defining the league of legends European championship is a more difficult task than you think because the only compatible characteristics of the league are that it is not definable. So, for this, there are features of the LEC game.  The LEC is made up of a team from many different countries with different lol playing cultures. When it comes to the team composition and the champion picks, Europe seemingly marches to its drumbeat and plays like no one else in the world. So below, we have given some of the LEC Features.

History of the League:

Before the launch of LOL in Asia, Europeans were considered the undisputed kings of the game. They have won almost every tournament before it put on creating the World Championship and, subsequently, one of Europe’s teams, Fanatic, won the Season 1 World Championship. Europe’s supremacy over North American teams started in Season 1 and has largely continued till now. When the Riot announced the LCS for North American teams a few years ago, there had to be a league for their rivals in Europe. That’s how the EU LCS was born.


Just after seeing the two of their club defeat the Korean team and make the world champion’s semi-final. Then the European LOL was ready to take on an identity apart from their American rivals. Now clearly the superior of the two regions, Europe rebranded. The LEC has since outshone the LCS in almost every conceivable way. As we see that their teams are better, their broadcast is better, and their player-base almost doubles North America’s despite similar population sizes. When it comes to Western LOL leagues, the LEC is in a class of its own and the best team, and that is one of the reasons it is included in the league of legends.


The legends’ European league is commonly referred to as spicy, where the LCK and LCS’s vanilla teams often play the same ways in an agreed-upon Metagame. If we talk about Europe, Euro pays the flavor with the future strategies and champion picks. In the past, it was a thought threat. The LEC teams’ weaknesses relied on cheesy strategies for defeating their opponents rather than beating them with solid, fundamental play. In recent years, however, the LEC teams have become the leader in showing the world the best champions and team compositions.

Diversity in Style:

Not all the team in the LEC is as spicy as G2, though. One could argue some of the most boring and the stock standard teams in the LOL play in the LEC. Every team in North America and South Korea plays in the same era, and solo queues centered on their esports meccas Los Angeles and Seoul. Furthermore, European players and teams come up through a system of tangentially linked country-specific leagues, and as well as the region has two separate solo queue servers. It makes the industrial culture that defines gameplay in those two regions irrelevant in Europe. Players will have to bring their identities formed in their lower-tier leagues across Europe with them to the Berlin-based LEC, resulting in the largest types of any league style in the world.

Four Seeds:

You have heard that the LPL and LEC get the four seeds instead of the three. That is because they performed well internationally over the past few years. It is supposed to incentivize LCK and LCS for finding ways and making their regions better. The LEC had played best in almost any season. It is considered the best team and the champion.

G2 Esports:

G2 Esports has been the undoubted kings of Europe in the League of Legends for the past two years. You cannot imagine, but they’ve won four LEC titles in a row, they’re the reigning Mid-Season Invitational champions, and they’ve gone deeper at the World Championship than any European team in a decade.
Staying at the top of your is not much easy as you think that it is always changing and evolving. A new player has also arrived; that game has undergone several updates, and most of the teams aim to steal the G2 crown.
Above, we have given the LEC game features, so you will get a lot of information about the game and understand that what is LEC is actually.

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